CD Review: Mercy Isle - Undying Fire (Symphonic Metal, 2016)

A epic piece of symphonic rock and metal that sets it's focus on dedicated listeners of intensive sounds.

Mercy Isle are a American-Dutch symphonic metal/rock band with massive female vocals. The band is a fusion of American pop/rock with elements of European symphonic metal. "Undying Fire" is the first full length release.

The album art for Mercy Isle's "Undying Fire" record, (c) by Mercy Isle, used with kind permission


Having heard this album several times now it always makes me wonder how deep and completly musicians are able to turn towards music. This album is like it was made to show how much the creators are giving there all and everything into the music.

The longplayer start's out easy with the first three tracks being all songs you would expect of a symphonic metal release these days. The tunes are direct rockers going straight to the meat. You can imagine a crowd going all on it They invite you to let your feelings let go and are a good opener to warm you up for what's to come.

Song four is a ballad turning the tides. Yet easy to access it already becomes more detailed and has some changes in it. This serves as a bridge to "No one will save you" and "Uncaged" both being the hardest to get by tracks. They need the full attention of the listener and are loaded with massive sounds and vocal layers. Being patient pays off and will reveal it's full potential to you.

"I Am" is sort of a crawling number, midtempo all the way but feels warmly welcomed through it's fresh attempt. Something not to be heard that often in this genre of metal. "Saying Goodbye" gives more silent moments - they give you time to take a moment off of the everyday stress and let you dream. The last two tracks give room for the more complex formula deserving higher attention to have the full point. The more often you listen the more you'll enjoy them.

Purchase-Link and Album Preview

If you're after a album that needs several rounds and offers complex and deep song structures "Undying Fire" will give you satisfaction for months. There are also lighter tracks but it surely is for all those that love to focus themselves on music and nothing else. Pick up a copy digitally on Bandcamp or order the silver disc from the same location. The band deserves some bucks for giving us such in-depth music.

For a quick overview I've included the full album stream below.

Upcoming Shows / Contact Data

Some shows have been announced for October 2017 in the Netherlands. Check the band's homepage for more details. Hold a further eye on this band using Reverbnation, Twitter or Facebook.


God In A Cone turn the cube at the shore

Do you remember the Rubik's cube that came out in the 80's? It was a cube with small color fields at each side. The mission was to have every side in one single color.

Thinking back of this puzzle I often feel like the cube could be a symbol for life. Everyone tries to have the same fine and good color on each side (of their life) but no one really ever reaches that aim. Or in other words: everyone tries to have everything tuned fine in their life but there's always something left that doesn't fit.

The open experimental sound project God In A Cone seems to be of a similar opinion and has created a fine new video for the track "Obscurist" of the album "Parasitoid". Besides a cool car ride to the shore it also has the cube with it. I like the good light guitar and vocal feeling that this one features yet there is this slight heavyness at the end.

Make sure to follow God In A Cone on Facebook for everything new that is happening all the while. And there's a lot of stuff going on over there...


Next To None announche August 2017 US dates

Next To None are a cool new band that has come up to my screen. They've put out their second album "Phases" these days and I'm discovering their sound step by step. I think they have something with them that could develop heavy music further.

It's not so much if they are prog metal or anything else but in common I feel that the way the band takes it's steps could be something of giving way for a bigger understanding of music in general breaking the chains of limitations of music. Don't waste your time with limitations. If it's music you like and enjoy it's music you like and enjoy. This seems to be the message to me they send out through their sounds. Check it out for yourselves with the song "Pause":

Readers living in the US can see Next To None this month live touring with label mates Doll Skin.

8/9 – El Paso TX - Low Brow Palace

8/10- Albuquerque, NM- The Jam Spot

8/11 – Tucson AZ – Loadhouse

8/12- Las Vegas, NV- Dive Bar

8/16 – Portland OR – Rock Hard PDX

8/17 – Seattle WA – Chop Suey

8/18 – Lewiston ID - 3rd Wheel

8/20 – Colordo Springs CO – Sunshine Studios

8/22- Omaha, NE- Shamrocks

8/24 – Jackson MN – Ellefson Coffee Co.

8/25 – Mankato MN – Whats Up Lounge

8/26 - Chippewa Falls WI – EveryBuddys Bar

8/27 – Oshkosh WI – Burning Soul Studio

8//28 – Baraboo WI – Private Event

8/29 - Ft Atkinson WI - Hijynx

The band's second album ‘Phases’ has been released through InsideOutMusic in Europe and EMP Label Group in North America.

Next To None online: