Dirty Machine lift the mood up with Rock and Eat video performance

Recently I felt down and was in need to find something to lift me up again. Happily music has the power to cheer you up many times. This time around it was Dirty Machine's video for "Built" that gave me back my power.

It's this seamless and not-stoppable riff and rhythm power going down in one piece that lays the basics for my good mood. On top of that the vocals are top notch and I love to hear that there are two vocalists who take down the stuff so solid and heavily trained that you can't do anything elese but feel good again.

Plus the vid shows how small place you need to perform. The band picked a packed restaurant to perform. It often feels to me as if the smalest location can be filled with life if only there's a few space for a live band.

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook or the band's website. They have some great stuff comin' like a free show on December the 18th at the Whisky A Go-Go. Don't miss out your chance to have a good time!


Salems Lott surprise with unplugged part in power track

This band has made something very unusual. They've included a unplugged guitar part inside a very powerful track. The song itself is build a classic way those Hard Rock tracks are set up.

It's going straight into the heart and soul with it's fast and straight forward headbang-along uptempo. Next comes the solo section with all of it's guitar fury. Just seconds later you'll spot this great unplugged insert.

Directed by Ian Moore and produced by UWOWI, the video features an original interpretation of a cult classic originally featured in the classic Horror film "Fright Night". The video depicts the dangers of succumbing to darker temptations in contrast to sublimating and accepting those same "beastly" aspects of humanity and channeling them into creativity.

The band logo of Salems Lott, (c) by Salems Lott, used with kind permission
The song appears on part one of a album series the band has just started with. To purchase a copy of Salems Lott - Mask Of Morality, visit iTunes or Spotify.

For more info on the band just visit the band's website.


Interview with Liar Thief Bandit (2017)

Swedish rockers Liar Thief Bandit are currently on the rampage touring through Europe. Today the german leg starts in Rostock. Further stations will see the band also perform in Lingen on 21.12.2017 at the Bul Bar & Lounge as part of the Lingen Volume concert series. Through the show announcement for Lingen I got to know about them.

My first introduction to their music was the official video for "Lease On Life" and that made me so curious that I asked for a interview to find out more about the band. We had the pleasure to speak with vocalist Mike Jacobson how the band started, how the outstanding vocals changed over time and which unexpected meetings you can have while being on the road...

A bandshot of Liar Thief Bandit, Photo Credit:
Dan Leo Lindeberg

Heavy Metal Underdogs: Do you remember the first time the band did rehearse back in the day? What happened?

Mike Jacobson: I remember the first time we rehearsed. It was a little special because our drummer William and I had started to work on one of my earliest ideas for the song “Moving On” that ended up on our debut album later on. We had gotten to know each other through our former bass player since we both played in his solo project and when he later joined us for our second or third rehearsal the magic started happen and the band formed for real. Those first steps were very important and I am happy that we took them!

Are many of your songs inspired by your own real life experiences or what else inspires you to write songs?

I write all the lyrics and they are inspired by both my own experiences and my own thoughts about things happening in my surroundings but also in the world at large.

The songs doesn’t always represent me but they always represent something I can relate to and I think that is important!

Do you have any anecdote of strange things that happened recently playing a show or traveling around?

We got a last minute show on our first European tour in April this year. This was in Slavonice, Czech Republic on a Sunday and we didn’t expect much. The show was outside a small town on the countryside, the place was like a barn. The show was pretty early in the evening and it was packed with people! Very unexpected, especially when a guy who was introduced to us as "an old punk rocker” came there by horse from his home 20 km away - he smoked some pot and asked if I wanted to trade my Orange guitar amplifier for his horse. I did not, but I loved that we got to meet this unique human being!

The vocals stand out of the sound of Liar Thief Bandit. Do you think your voice evolved and changed over the years?

My vocals have definitely evolved since we started. I have gotten way better at singing and I think it’s mainly because we have played so many shows, it really helps you to find the core of the voice when it’s exposed to so many different situations.

Your website is great - fast and easy to navigate. Was it your intention to go a different way than the usual overloaded websites you can find nowadays?

Thank you! Yes, this was intentional. I think that today people don’t really visit websites as much as before but when they do, it’s important that they find what they are looking for as fast as possible. I think we got that one right.

Futher tourdates and information on Liar Thief Bandit can be found on the band's Facebook page as well as the mentioned homepage.