So one of my all time favorite band Morgana Lefay is on hold
for quite some time now. That's bad but the members of the
band started some projects (Inmoria-see my post earlier in this
blog) and Lady Die which I will talk about later.

So Tony Eriksson the guitar player of Morgana Lefay has now
a new project going called "Damage" and it has some very heavy hitting stomping
guitar riffs in it. It is a more or less revival of the band that
he played in before it became Morgana Lefay later, but this
line-up has some new members. Currently the line up is as follows:

Jim Wallenborg - Vocals/Guitar
Tony Eriksson - Guitar
Shayne Shecht - Bass
Robin Jonsson (yes I changed to my fathers last name) - Drums

So here's a snippet of what hopefully is about to come:

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