End the year with a day full of music

German TV station 3sat is broadcasting on 12/31/11 live show recordings of several artists for 24 hours 'til New Years eve! Include are shows from Ac/Dc,Bryan Adams,U2,Herbert Grönemeyer,Freddie Mercury tribute show,Linkin Park and many,many more. Go to their website for all details including broadcast times (german time).

http://www.3sat.de/programm/?viewlong=viewlong&d=20111231&dayID=ClnDaN31&cx=59 g


Cozy Powell documentary movie coming up

It looks like a documentary movie showing the life of drum-legend Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath) is in the makings. As www.powermetal.de in a post said it's not clear if and when the movie will be released. As for now check out the short trailer that's already up on youtube. In rememberance to the man that performed the legendary dance with the devil drum-rhythm.


Korn's Path to Totality album stream up and running

At the beginning of this month Korn released their brandnew album. The band says that the people should consider this CD as a experimental album mixing the dubstep elements with the traditional Korn style. So far the reactions seem to be twisted,some like it while other's can't stand it. If you're not sure if it's worth buying then here's your chance to hear the full album legally and for free. Do you like what you hear?



Wacken Livevideos back online again

There are currently some videos of these years Wacken Open Air back online again. For a limited time (mostly a week) you can watch live footage from Trivium, Motörhead and the amazing Heaven shall burn gig again. Have a good time with these goodies.:-)



Get new Savage Messiah album for free!

Well, Christmas is the time where people like to give out presents to each othere. As I already stated at some other post this often leads to a expensive december. :-) But not everything that is nice and fine must be expensive.

For example the new album of the british Thrash bands Savage Messiah has been put up totally for free for everybody to download. What a nice christmas gift for all of us Metalheads. Thank you very, very much Savage Messiah!!!!

Free and legal download of the new Savage Messiah album

Having heard the album by now I can't believe how fine quality this one is. The album comes with a fine production, critical and quality lyrics and most of all with superb songs that kick a lot of ass. In addition there's a lot of different tracks of it, so you won't be bored with a album that know's only one riff and a standard beat all the time. It's fine Thrash Metal in the tradition of bands like Brainstorm, Evile and other younger bands combining modern sounds and production with the power and heavyness of the old trademarks of bands like Testament, Xentrix and Overkill. I can only say: grab your copy right now, it's such a fine album with a cool artwork and booklet, it's very well worth the wait.

If you'd like to have a physical copy of the album on CD to support the band, here's a link where you can get the album plus a free poster and patch via the online store of their record company:

Savage Messiah @ earache Webstore

If you are not sure if it's worth the download, here's the title track for you to check out via youtube. BTW: the full album is also up there so for all of you youtube fans out there it shouldn't be hard to find the rest of the album,too also I do strngly recommend the download with the fine artwork and booklet inside along with the great songs.

Finally give their Facebook bandpage a shot to stay updated about what's going on with the band and where they are playing next.

Savage Messiah @ Facebook


Premiere of new Asphyx song now online

Looking around here I realised that Death Metal is a style of our beloved music that I've led out so far. No problem, this can still be changed. :-)

As for Asphyx it's interesting how I got to know them. I remember I saw them for the first time live back in 2000 at my first Bang your Head festival. They played as a opening slot for Cannibal Corpse at the warm-up show the evening before the main event started. I never heard them before so I was pretty amazed that they did play Death Metal mixed up with a good portion of Thrash and melody, a mixture I started to like pretty much.

By now the band has had it's revival after some years of silence and is currently working on a new album which is set to be released on 02/24/2012 entitled "Deathhammer". The german monthly magazine RockHard is currently exclusively streaming the title track at this side, it's a typical song by the band. Go in here to find out if you like their style of Death Metal:

Asphyx Song "Deathhammer" Stream at Rock Hard magazine


Liveshows from Megadeth, Trivium and Korn

The december is a expensive months for most of us. Christmas is near and it's time to give some nice presents to all those people who are next to you or who do matter the most to you. Anyway, this shouldn't keep you from having the possibility to watch some fine concerts also tickets aren't cheap and bands aren't always touring every country in the world. Here is some live stuff I gathered on youtube. Enjoy and share these gifts with as many of your friends as possible. :-)

Edit and Update 12/18/2011: the second part of the Trivium set has been taken off from youtube. Don't know why, I just found out for myselfs and just wanted to let you know so you hopefully don't wonder what's up with this. If you have more info on this, please let me know I'd like to know and put up a new link, if that's legally possible.



How can I find Serenity? For me music has proven to be a constant and reliable source of Serenity allowing me to relax, to express myselfs and finding a positive way of getting along with all the troubles of life. Sharing this feeling with friends thinking almost the same is great!

Back to the topic of this blog now. :-) There's a band out there of the same name from Switzerland. I was introduced to them at a show that Morgana Lefay headlined back in 2007. They were the opening act at that evening and I didn't heard them before. They surprised me with their powerfull, yet very emotional progressive metal combining fast rhythm and riffs with melodic vocals and fine keyboards. They reminded me of Tad Morose a bit back in the early days when they released the "Sender of thoughts" album. And their bass guitar player obviously was very inspired by John Myung. Nice that I could talk to you guys after the show and thanks for the autographs!

By now, the band has professionalised even more and integrated classical party into their music. They released a new video of the actual album "Death & Legacy". Check it out and find your own serenity (hopefully).

The band-website can be found at:

Serenity - Official Homepage


Wacken Open Air 2011- more Videos coming up and stuff in german TV

The Wacken Homepage just revealed, that the german TV broadcasting station NDR will be uploading 20 new videos of Wacken 2011 till Christmas 2011!

W:O:A - Wacken Open Air : Die volle Ladung Wacken zur Weihnachtszeit im TV!

The clips will be up for viewing at the following website:

NDR Wacken 2011 homepage

There will also be a broadcast of a 90 minute film containing interviews,behind the scenes material and some nice stories from the camping grounds and the city of Wacken on german TV station NDR. It will be aired in the night of 8. to 9th of December 2011 at 2:30 o'clock in the morning (german time).

More info on the broadcast can be found here:

Wacken - Ein Dorf sieht schwarz

Seems like it may also be able to be seen through the livestream of the station. Just check in here if
it works on the time and date given above:

NDR Livestream

Have a nice christmas time people. :-)

Update 12/6/11: The cut together called "Heavy Metal auf der Wiese" is back online, this time cut into 21 smaller videos for smarter browsing as the website says.

Heavy Metal auf der Wiese - cut to 21 smaller videos



Sometimes even visiting a random concert can help digging out a new diamond in the metal universe.:-) Love.Might.Kill are one of those. Some friends of mine visited one of their shows and came back being totally blown away.

What happened? They had the joy to see the new band project of Michael Ehre,who's already known for his drum-work with Metalium. He now has found a italian-german mixed combo playing melodic metal in the style of bands like Gotthard or Bonfire.

Later then I had the same joy like my friends. We had to do a little travel and I can say that I've rarely seen such a band transporting the fun they have while playing music over to the fans. You could see many happy faces on that evening.

Have some fun and see the official video and a album teaser from their debut CD 'Brace for impact' below.

Finally have a look on their website for more info:



Gotthard offering free new song with new vocalist on board

Great heavy-rock band from switzerland. Cool grove combined with much heavyness and outstanding vocals. And sometimes ballads touching heart and soul of a lot of metal maniacs.
Sadly the long-term vocalist of the band Steve Lee died much too early in a accident,but the band has chosen to continue with a new vocalist

Nic Maeder is the new vocalist of Gotthard! The band works on a new album.

Download now a free new song with Nic Maeder on vocals titled 'Remember it's me'.



Listen to the new Daughtry album before the release

Chris Daughtry - a well known name in the world of Rock and Metal. He took part in the 'American Idol' contest some years ago. He didn't won it,but was given a contract for a album release together with some other musicians.

By now they released two albums and both,the seld titled debüt and the follow up 'Leave this town' totally rocked IMHO.

They do combine powerfull,straight Rocksongs with the variable voice of Chris Daughtry. They sound a bit like Nickelback did back in the first days.

Album no. 3 is coming up on 11/21/11. Have a listen already today of the full album legally here:


James Murphy fighting cancer again- a call for help

James Murphy, the well known guitarist who played for bands such as Death and Testament is facing the fight against cancer again.

The tumor seems to have returned and he needs a medical treatment for six months which he cannot pay due to his illness which doesn't allow him to work properly.

Please help out in any way you can, e.g. with a donation. You can find more detailed info in the article linked below from the Decibel magazine along with the data needed to do a proper donation via Paypal.

Donate to James Murphy | Decibel Magazine


Listen to Korn's new song 'Sanctuary'

The time of the release of the new Korn album is getting closer. So I guess there are many of you out there that are looking forward to the 6th of December and would like to listen to more stuff in advance.

Here you go. Hot Topic has been chosen by the band to reveal the track 'Sanctuary'. Here's the link to the article with the song. Enjoy. :-)



Iron Saviour

Wow,good old power metal from germany! That's what Iron Saviour is all about. They keep up the old traditional sound that Helloween had back in the day when they started making music with the first EP and 'Walls of Jericho'.

The vocalist of the band is Piet Sielck,a old friend ofKai Hansen,well known through his albums with Helloween and even more today with Gamma Ray. His voice is outstanding and give the band a very own trademark along with the hard riffs and great refrains he puts together.

After a little break the band is coming back with a new album called 'The Landing'. Let's have a look into the studio and hear some fresh stuff from the band,the song you can hear is 'The Saviour' of the new album 'The Landing':

The band website can be found at



Mob Rules liveconcert to be streamed for free

A quick but very important info: these years Mob Rules show @ Stadtfest Oldenburg live recording will be streamed and broadcasted on the following dates via Oldenburg Eins (local TV station here in northern germany but you can also watch it via the webstream, link at the end of this article)

11/10/2011. 20:45h and 0:45h

11/13/2011 16:30h

(All info is in german time except for the datestamp for which I use the american format)

Watch it here:




Today I'd like to introduce you to a legendary band that ain't known by many people. It's time to talk about the good old thrash band Xentrix from Preston, England.

They combined the raw power of thrash metal with much technical skill,mixed it up with fine melodies and rounded the whole package up with thoughtful lyrics that many of you guys out there might have come around, talking about the meaning of existence as well as the balance between economics and nature. The band IMHO should have the status like bands like Slayer, Metallica or Megadeth. For some reason,that's unknown to me they never did.

There was a small reunion done back in 2006,but after some shows the band decided not to go on like this. They'd build up other life's in the meantime which seem to be more important to them.

Anyway,let's hear 'Don't compromise' of their first album:

No Compromise

Wanna more? Head over to the bands website. There are some nice goodies waiting for you.:-)



Vanden Plas

Nowadays most people discover new music through the various possibilities of the internet. But back in the day the only chance was listening to cover CD's from magazine's such as Rock Hard or Metal Hammer.

One day I listened to the track 'I can see' from Vanden Plas featured on the Rock Hard cover CD. It fastly got me through the killer riff along with the great atmosphere the refrain provided with the special long stretched vocals mixed up with backing vocals. Ever since the band's on my mind and they did even made me more interested in their music in the following years.

By now they have their first ever videoclip put out. It's a song from their latest album entitled 'The Seraphic Clockwork'. Let's see if it will make you interested in more of them.

For more info on the band visit their homepage at:



Full new Megadeth album Th1rt3en up for free streaming

Wow,this one is about a band that's part of the legendary 'The Big 4' lineup that toured around the globe not too long ago and recently celebrated the anniversary of such classic thrash metal releases as Rust in peace and the Peace sells...but who's buying CD.

And now Megadeth are back with a brandnew album entitled Th1rt3en. On this record we can see and hear the return of bassist Dave Ellefson,the only remaining founding band member besides Dave Mustaine,the mastermind himself.

IMHO the last album Endgame was great,combining all the strenght in songwriting skills with the best sound/production so far. Wanna.hear how the new album turns out? Go in here and hear the full album in it's entirely:




Today two friends of mine have their birthday - happy birthday Claus and Thomas!

Here in germany there's a daily metal show up on TV called iMusic 1 rocks.(http://im1.tv/rocks). They do often show videos of new and unknown bands. A fine source for me. :-)

One bands video that came up lately was that of Evile's 'Cult'. That one fastly got me since I love thrash. Whilst you can easily hear the traditional roots of the band (Megadeth,Annihilator and even Slayer comes to my mind) you can also hear fresh metal elements in there as well as for the vocals. But why not have a look yourselfs? Here's your chance to do so:

Have also a look at the band's website at



Anvil / One year metalunderdogs!

It is time to celebrate one year of metalunderdogs! Wow,time passes really fast. One band that has proven to be real metalunderdogs but never given up in over 30 years are Anvil which is the topic of today's blog entry.

So they started at the very same point like Metallica, Scorpions etc. but for some reasons never made it like one of these bands. Not until this movie about the band came out...You can watch the trailer for this movie at the end of this article.

That one changed a lot of things. By now they dropped their old jobs, got a new record company and a full management. With things heading upwards they recorded a new album. Hear the titletrack "Juggernaut of justice" here:

Juggernaut of Justice

Want to hear the full album? Head over to the bands myspace page to hear it.


Still want a encore? Here's the birthday cake. Legendary Rockpalast TV team of the german TV station WDR recorded a full show of the band played in summer 2011 and streams the video for free along with some interview footage at:


Don't forget to support your favorite bands by buying there albums. Go to


to do so for Anvil. Let's have a party!


Discover new prog bands at Progstreaming

Reading other blogs and websites is a thing I love to do. They often do have interesting info and links to sites that are not popular yet.

This site is a fine example for that. It's a blog in german talking about a new streaming website offering free full album streams of young and fresh progmetal bands that aren't known by many people.

Klangkino: Info: "Progstreaming" bietet Alben zum kostenfreie...: Wie die Überschrift schon titelt, bin ich auf eine sehr interessante Sache gestoßen, denn die Streaming-Seite Progstreaming beinhaltet dutz...

I remember having picked up the "Honour Thy Drummer - A tribute to Mike Portnoy" album and found some mindblowing bands on them. Maybe this will happen again? No one knows,but check the site out for yourselfs:



New single from Korn up for free download

Ok,they aren't really underdogs anymore,but the giveaway is a fine thing in my eyes,so I post it here so you hopefully can still pick this up.

The new single from Korn can be downloaded for free till Saturday here


Update 11/08/2011: sadly, downloading is over. But that's were the joy of the official videoclip just starts.;-) Enjoy!


U.D.O. / AFM Metal Festival

After the band 'Symphorce' (see my very first post here on the blog titled 'Today is day one') called it quits (I am very sad about this,they had such great songs but too few people knew them I am afraid) I feel more than ever the urge to support Heavy Metal underground bands.

Besides the Metalshock festival there's another underground festival coming up this year. It's the AFM Festival,celebrating the 15 years anniversary of the AFM Records Company. There will be 15 bands playing all day long at Markthalle Hamburg, Germany on 26th of November 2011. Bands performing will be Crystal Viper,Mob Rules and U.D.O. and many,many more. Tickets are sold on a low price plus every visitor gets a free 3- CD label sampler with classics and even unreleased tracks. You can pick up more info and order your ticket at


Update 10/13/2011: Mailorder Nuclear Blast currently has a special offer for this festival. In addition to ticket and 3-CD you'll receive a festival shirt in XL size at a very little add to the standard price. Here's the direct link to the online shop item:


Update 10/30/2011: EMP Merchandising features this nice package now as well,same offer and price as Nuclear Blast. Here's the direct internet-shop link:


Update 10/26/2011: A trailer for this event has been released. Watch it here

U.D.O. may already be known by some of you since they do feature ex-Accept members Udo Dirkschneider on vocals and Stefan Kaufmann on guitars. The band constantly puts out classic solid metal albums in the good tradition of the style of the 80's but always adding some fresh elements of today like modern production or hacked riffing. Most of all they do create great metal hymms to sing along to. But check out for yourselfs.

Heavy Metal Heaven

Find more details and songs from U.D.O. at the official website of the band



Mystic Prophecy

First let us remain a moment in silence for Steve Jobs (CEO and one of the founding members of Apple Computers) who passed away on 10/5/2011. His outstanding work and impact on music shall be remembered forever. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

Looking back I have found out that often recommendations of friends made me gettin' to know new bands,which is a thing I love to do.:-)

So here we go with one example of such a band. They are called 'Mystic Prophecy' and are living in Greece. Fine powermetal mixed up with some thrash combined with modern sound and roughness gives them their unique style. If you do like bands like Brainstorm, Morgana Lefay and/or Testament then this is worth checking out for you.

BTW: if you do have a recommendation of a band please put a link here in the comments or send me a E-Mail. I would like to add these here on my blog,too. This also goes if you do have a blog or website about Metal. Please let me know, I'd like to take a look inside and add them here.

As for now have fun with Mystic Prophecy's 'Savage Souls'.

Find more artists like Mystic Prophecy at Myspace Music


Charred walls of the damned

Nowadays a lot of new bands are coming up. Often these are a result of a teaming-up of well known musicians.

Charred walls of the damned are one of these. This band features Tim 'Ripper' Owens (ex Judas Priest) on vocals,while Richard Christy (ex Death) has done the drums. You can check out their first album for free at the site of the german metal magazine Rock Hard:


For more info on this band go to:



Rock In Rio 2011 live stream and archive

I'm cut short on time but wanna quickly let you know:

System of a Down and Guns 'N Roses watch free and legal stream from tonights shows at Rock in Rio at


Metallica and Stone Sour Shows can also be watched there as normal stream.(no live streaming,just as sort of archive). Enjoy the shows!


Wacken Metal Battle 2011

From time to time I like to take a look at the statistics here on my blog. One of the most clicked one was the "Wacken 2011 revisited" one. I'm glad to see you like it!

As a reward for you here's a little add-on. Taking a closer look on the linked site with the Wacken video I discovered some more interesting stuff dedicated to new young bands. There's a subpage with live video's of yet unknown metal bands which took part in the metal battle contest.

The site is in german,but the style of each band is described mostly in the first sentence of each band describtion. Clicking on "Video starten" starts the video of the band on a new page as flash video. Have a nice time discovering some interesting fresh metal bands!



Gun Barrel / Metalshock Festival

This time a combined update about a underground metal festival plus introduction of one of the bands of the billing of that event.
The Metalshock festival is organised by some real metal underground fans aiming at supporting small bands and help bringing back some of the forgotten heroes of past times. The festival will take place on 29th of October 2011 in Hannover, Germany at the Musikzentrum. Some of the bands that will show up are Mob Rules and Scanner which I already talked about ealier here on the blog. Due to financial issues 150 tickets need to be sold till 15th of October to make this event to be able to be properly done. Please help and head over to the festival page to order your ticket (price 25 euro plus delievery expenses see homepage for details please):


One of the bands playing there are Gun Barrel,a legendary band doing some dirty,heavy hitting and direct Rock 'n Roll. I got to see them first on a very cold winter day also on a underground metal fest,the Winter Metal Meeting in Leer,Germany 2010. The lay it down heavy and that's what got my attention. Check out there song Brother to Brother and maybe you'll like 'em,too.

Find more artists like GUN BARREL at Myspace Music


Nocturnal Rites

Another night with few sleep...had too much tea in the evening and that's the impact of it. But another update as well! This time we stick to Nocturnal Rites from sweden. I remember having heard them every here and there on some cd's of the german magazine "RockHard" but they first got my full attention when a good friend of mine recommended their album "The 8th sin" to me. That first three songs on the album gave the kick that I needed to raise my attention. Strong power rhythm along with hard riffs but also very fine melodies and powerful and sensible vocals are the trademarks of these fine but underrated band. After some years of silence they are currently back in the studio recording a new album so I hope I can post some news here soon. Until then enjoy the track "Never again" from the mentioned kick-ass album 8th sin. Let's see how you like it.

Find more songs like Nocturnal Rites at Myspace Music


Axel Rudi Pell

After all the riffs and heavy beats I think it's time to get a bit more laid back and slow it down a bit musicalwise. It's about seasons change here in germany. Autumn is about to arrive. The perfect time for some metal ballads by Axel Rudi Pell. His traditional metal with strong influences from Rainbow and Deep Purple is known by many,yet not by everyone. The band is going to release their next ballad compilation and have set up a free and legal pre-listening of this record. Lets relax and enjoy some fine songs sung by Johnny Gioeli,some of the best vocalists I've heard so far.



Seems like I'm not gettin' much sleep tonight. A pain in my lungs keeps me awake. That's bad,but gives me the chance for another update.;-) This time it's Morphelia,a little progmetal band from the very north of germany. Some month's ago I saw them live,sort of a spontanous idea a friend of mine came up with. They blew me away! This band has the ability to take you far away on a musical journey through time and space. Dreaming melodies combined with power and very skilled musicians give them their very unique sound. If you like bands like Saga, Marillion and Dream Theater then this is well worth the over seven minutes of listening.

Find more artists like Morphelia at Myspace Music

The official band website has more info on them www.morphelia.de


Angelical Tears

There's a fine group out there on facebook called "MetalHeads Non Anonymus". It's a place where people can present their band or suggest bands to the others. Angelical Tears got my attention through a post there. They play a powerful piece of metal along with a good portion of melody and fine female vocals. It reminds a bit to bands like Epica and Nightwish but with a own style and a fresh attempt. Try 'Save Me',hopefully it will be such a nice surprise for you like it was for me.

Find more artists like Angelical Tears at Myspace Music



Maybe you've already heard about them - their music has become more popular in the last months through touring with Iron Maiden, playing at Wacken this year. Soon they will tour with Dream Theater in the US! I've been introduced to them by looking the stream of their performance at Wacken Open Air. Wow, many power! A mixture of thrash with some melody and a modern production with a cool vocalist. I'm listening to "Black" from the actual album "In Waves" while typing these lines. You can do it too - and even hear the full album legally for free from the Roadrunner Website. Here you go:

Trivium - In Waves full album stream


Wacken 2011 revisited

German TV station NDR has broadcasted a cut together of this years Wacken Open Air 2011. It's a mix of live performances, some interviews, scenes from the Full Metal Village Road Movie and own experiences of the hosts of the show. You can now check the full thing out online for some time.

NDR mediathek Heavy Metal auf der Wiese

Vision Divine

A mixture between Power Metal and Progressive Metal can be a cool combination. There are several bands out there trying this out, but as strange as it is, none of them is much to successfull with it. One of them is the italian band Vision Divine. The combination of melodic heavyness and pure sometimes even raw power has brought to light some great albums, 6 in number. Time to make more people aware of them.
So here's you chance to check them out. This is one of the more straight forward numbers that hardly will leave your ears once heard.:-) By the way: Fabio Leone has returned in 2008 to the band on vocals, maybe some know him from Rhapsody Of Fire.

Finde weitere Künstler wie Vision Divine bei Myspace Musik



Sometimes someones gives you a link to a band you don't know. You don't exspect much, but then there's a surprise - the band blows you away! That's what happend to me when I saw and heard the music video of  Assailant's Video of "A Day Tomorrow". Surely it's in the style of In Flames but the vocals and melodies but out much more heartblood than a lot of band's I've heard before. So go and
check it out - and have your own being blown away. :-)


Heaven Shall Burn and Helloween Live At WOA 2011

So Wacken is over - but the memory remains. And some live footage that is currently up for viewing online for a limited time only!.
For example from Heaven Shall Burn - a band that kicks ass with some more brutal Metalcore as they describe it. Watch the full show here:

Heaven Shall Burn WOA 2011 ZDF mediathek

Another great band is Helloween. Well, they aren't underdogs anymore but I'll put them here since the stream is free and legal and 3 nice songs plus some interview stuff is still fine music anyway. :-)

Helloween Live At WOA 2011 zdf mediathek


Wacken is coming - Free streaming online and at german TV

I wish all the people that go to Wacken a good time. Here are two links to live-streams over the web where you see and/or hear some bands if you can't be there.

German radio station NDR will stream part of the Wacken shows. More info and
the stream can be found here:

Wacken web stream by NDR radio

And the german TV station also streams some video footage in their channel (digital satelitte or cable required) or even better can be accessed online at:

Wacken TV stream at ZDF kultur

Update: NDR will not "only" stream on the festival days, but extend to show stuff on Tuesday, 9. August on their web-stream!
The same thing goes for ZDF kultur, but is limited to showing stuff on TV.


Trail of Murder - Swedish power metal band first trailer is up!

So nowadays it's hard for bands to grab the attention of the record company's to make them aware of their projects and get them to release the music they do. One of those bands, that still isn't signed is Trail of Murder.

Trail of Murder are:
Urban breed: Vocals (Pyramaze, ex-bloodbound, ex-Tad Morose)
Daniel Olsson: Guitars, backing vocals (Ex-Tad Morose)
Pelle Åkerlind: Drums, backing vocals (Morgana Lefay, bloodbound, LadyDie)
Hasse Eismar: Guitars, backing vocals Johan Bergquist: Bass, backing vocals
Johan Bergquist: Bass, backing vocals
The first trailer they did release sound great, so here's my attempt to help and spread the word a bit. Enjoy the fine music and tell others about it.

Update 2012/11/05: Having taken a look around I found out that the band has set up a little website with some info about the coming together of the band. At the end of the page there's also a link to their webshop where the album can be bought. There you can also check out the artwork of the CD.

The website of  the band's record company Metal Heaven has some short snippets for listening in their soundbytes section. Thought you guys out there wanna to know since I witnessed in my statistics that some of you had looked for info upon the band here on my blog. Amazon also lists the CD already! Great news all around! :-)


Snippet from new Brainstorm Album

Brainstorm are another band, that should have more fans. They offer energy packed power-metal along with great melodies and a intense atmosphere especially in their live shows. Actually the band is about to release a new album that will come out on 30. September 2011. Wann hear something of the new album? Here you go:

BRAINSTORM - Below The Line (cut) by AFM Records

Update: The full song has now been uploaded legally to youtube, so I add it here as well. :-)

Another Update: New teaser has been put out, showing the photo-session the band did. At the end of the video it's underlayed with a nice new snippet from the new CD!


Rock Hard Festival 2011 with many young bands online

German TV channel WDR has broadcasted a two hour cut featuring a lot of young or not so well known bands that played at this years Rock Hard Festival. It features pro-shot Videos of Epica, Vicious Rumors, Amorphis etc. and has now been uploaded to the website for watching. Check it out at

Rock Hard Festival 2011 Rockpalast pro shot Videos


Mad Messiah Live Videos online!

Still remember Damage, the new project of Tony Eriksson? I already posted here about them and things are progressing further with the band working on the album and having renamed to Mad Messiah due to problems with the old name some other band already used. They also played their first ever show at MetalNight in Sundsvall, Sweden and released two Live-Videos from the show featuring two full songs. Have a taste !