Gun Barrel / Metalshock Festival

This time a combined update about a underground metal festival plus introduction of one of the bands of the billing of that event.
The Metalshock festival is organised by some real metal underground fans aiming at supporting small bands and help bringing back some of the forgotten heroes of past times. The festival will take place on 29th of October 2011 in Hannover, Germany at the Musikzentrum. Some of the bands that will show up are Mob Rules and Scanner which I already talked about ealier here on the blog. Due to financial issues 150 tickets need to be sold till 15th of October to make this event to be able to be properly done. Please help and head over to the festival page to order your ticket (price 25 euro plus delievery expenses see homepage for details please):


One of the bands playing there are Gun Barrel,a legendary band doing some dirty,heavy hitting and direct Rock 'n Roll. I got to see them first on a very cold winter day also on a underground metal fest,the Winter Metal Meeting in Leer,Germany 2010. The lay it down heavy and that's what got my attention. Check out there song Brother to Brother and maybe you'll like 'em,too.

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