Nocturnal Rites

Another night with few sleep...had too much tea in the evening and that's the impact of it. But another update as well! This time we stick to Nocturnal Rites from sweden. I remember having heard them every here and there on some cd's of the german magazine "RockHard" but they first got my full attention when a good friend of mine recommended their album "The 8th sin" to me. That first three songs on the album gave the kick that I needed to raise my attention. Strong power rhythm along with hard riffs but also very fine melodies and powerful and sensible vocals are the trademarks of these fine but underrated band. After some years of silence they are currently back in the studio recording a new album so I hope I can post some news here soon. Until then enjoy the track "Never again" from the mentioned kick-ass album 8th sin. Let's see how you like it.

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