Full new Megadeth album Th1rt3en up for free streaming

Wow,this one is about a band that's part of the legendary 'The Big 4' lineup that toured around the globe not too long ago and recently celebrated the anniversary of such classic thrash metal releases as Rust in peace and the Peace sells...but who's buying CD.

And now Megadeth are back with a brandnew album entitled Th1rt3en. On this record we can see and hear the return of bassist Dave Ellefson,the only remaining founding band member besides Dave Mustaine,the mastermind himself.

IMHO the last album Endgame was great,combining all the strenght in songwriting skills with the best sound/production so far. Wanna.hear how the new album turns out? Go in here and hear the full album in it's entirely:




Today two friends of mine have their birthday - happy birthday Claus and Thomas!

Here in germany there's a daily metal show up on TV called iMusic 1 rocks.(http://im1.tv/rocks). They do often show videos of new and unknown bands. A fine source for me. :-)

One bands video that came up lately was that of Evile's 'Cult'. That one fastly got me since I love thrash. Whilst you can easily hear the traditional roots of the band (Megadeth,Annihilator and even Slayer comes to my mind) you can also hear fresh metal elements in there as well as for the vocals. But why not have a look yourselfs? Here's your chance to do so:

Have also a look at the band's website at



Anvil / One year metalunderdogs!

It is time to celebrate one year of metalunderdogs! Wow,time passes really fast. One band that has proven to be real metalunderdogs but never given up in over 30 years are Anvil which is the topic of today's blog entry.

So they started at the very same point like Metallica, Scorpions etc. but for some reasons never made it like one of these bands. Not until this movie about the band came out...You can watch the trailer for this movie at the end of this article.

That one changed a lot of things. By now they dropped their old jobs, got a new record company and a full management. With things heading upwards they recorded a new album. Hear the titletrack "Juggernaut of justice" here:

Juggernaut of Justice

Want to hear the full album? Head over to the bands myspace page to hear it.


Still want a encore? Here's the birthday cake. Legendary Rockpalast TV team of the german TV station WDR recorded a full show of the band played in summer 2011 and streams the video for free along with some interview footage at:


Don't forget to support your favorite bands by buying there albums. Go to


to do so for Anvil. Let's have a party!


Discover new prog bands at Progstreaming

Reading other blogs and websites is a thing I love to do. They often do have interesting info and links to sites that are not popular yet.

This site is a fine example for that. It's a blog in german talking about a new streaming website offering free full album streams of young and fresh progmetal bands that aren't known by many people.

Klangkino: Info: "Progstreaming" bietet Alben zum kostenfreie...: Wie die Überschrift schon titelt, bin ich auf eine sehr interessante Sache gestoßen, denn die Streaming-Seite Progstreaming beinhaltet dutz...

I remember having picked up the "Honour Thy Drummer - A tribute to Mike Portnoy" album and found some mindblowing bands on them. Maybe this will happen again? No one knows,but check the site out for yourselfs:



New single from Korn up for free download

Ok,they aren't really underdogs anymore,but the giveaway is a fine thing in my eyes,so I post it here so you hopefully can still pick this up.

The new single from Korn can be downloaded for free till Saturday here


Update 11/08/2011: sadly, downloading is over. But that's were the joy of the official videoclip just starts.;-) Enjoy!


U.D.O. / AFM Metal Festival

After the band 'Symphorce' (see my very first post here on the blog titled 'Today is day one') called it quits (I am very sad about this,they had such great songs but too few people knew them I am afraid) I feel more than ever the urge to support Heavy Metal underground bands.

Besides the Metalshock festival there's another underground festival coming up this year. It's the AFM Festival,celebrating the 15 years anniversary of the AFM Records Company. There will be 15 bands playing all day long at Markthalle Hamburg, Germany on 26th of November 2011. Bands performing will be Crystal Viper,Mob Rules and U.D.O. and many,many more. Tickets are sold on a low price plus every visitor gets a free 3- CD label sampler with classics and even unreleased tracks. You can pick up more info and order your ticket at


Update 10/13/2011: Mailorder Nuclear Blast currently has a special offer for this festival. In addition to ticket and 3-CD you'll receive a festival shirt in XL size at a very little add to the standard price. Here's the direct link to the online shop item:


Update 10/30/2011: EMP Merchandising features this nice package now as well,same offer and price as Nuclear Blast. Here's the direct internet-shop link:


Update 10/26/2011: A trailer for this event has been released. Watch it here

U.D.O. may already be known by some of you since they do feature ex-Accept members Udo Dirkschneider on vocals and Stefan Kaufmann on guitars. The band constantly puts out classic solid metal albums in the good tradition of the style of the 80's but always adding some fresh elements of today like modern production or hacked riffing. Most of all they do create great metal hymms to sing along to. But check out for yourselfs.

Heavy Metal Heaven

Find more details and songs from U.D.O. at the official website of the band



Mystic Prophecy

First let us remain a moment in silence for Steve Jobs (CEO and one of the founding members of Apple Computers) who passed away on 10/5/2011. His outstanding work and impact on music shall be remembered forever. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

Looking back I have found out that often recommendations of friends made me gettin' to know new bands,which is a thing I love to do.:-)

So here we go with one example of such a band. They are called 'Mystic Prophecy' and are living in Greece. Fine powermetal mixed up with some thrash combined with modern sound and roughness gives them their unique style. If you do like bands like Brainstorm, Morgana Lefay and/or Testament then this is worth checking out for you.

BTW: if you do have a recommendation of a band please put a link here in the comments or send me a E-Mail. I would like to add these here on my blog,too. This also goes if you do have a blog or website about Metal. Please let me know, I'd like to take a look inside and add them here.

As for now have fun with Mystic Prophecy's 'Savage Souls'.

Find more artists like Mystic Prophecy at Myspace Music


Charred walls of the damned

Nowadays a lot of new bands are coming up. Often these are a result of a teaming-up of well known musicians.

Charred walls of the damned are one of these. This band features Tim 'Ripper' Owens (ex Judas Priest) on vocals,while Richard Christy (ex Death) has done the drums. You can check out their first album for free at the site of the german metal magazine Rock Hard:


For more info on this band go to:



Rock In Rio 2011 live stream and archive

I'm cut short on time but wanna quickly let you know:

System of a Down and Guns 'N Roses watch free and legal stream from tonights shows at Rock in Rio at


Metallica and Stone Sour Shows can also be watched there as normal stream.(no live streaming,just as sort of archive). Enjoy the shows!