Anvil / One year metalunderdogs!

It is time to celebrate one year of metalunderdogs! Wow,time passes really fast. One band that has proven to be real metalunderdogs but never given up in over 30 years are Anvil which is the topic of today's blog entry.

So they started at the very same point like Metallica, Scorpions etc. but for some reasons never made it like one of these bands. Not until this movie about the band came out...You can watch the trailer for this movie at the end of this article.

That one changed a lot of things. By now they dropped their old jobs, got a new record company and a full management. With things heading upwards they recorded a new album. Hear the titletrack "Juggernaut of justice" here:

Juggernaut of Justice

Want to hear the full album? Head over to the bands myspace page to hear it.


Still want a encore? Here's the birthday cake. Legendary Rockpalast TV team of the german TV station WDR recorded a full show of the band played in summer 2011 and streams the video for free along with some interview footage at:


Don't forget to support your favorite bands by buying there albums. Go to


to do so for Anvil. Let's have a party!

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