Discover new prog bands at Progstreaming

Reading other blogs and websites is a thing I love to do. They often do have interesting info and links to sites that are not popular yet.

This site is a fine example for that. It's a blog in german talking about a new streaming website offering free full album streams of young and fresh progmetal bands that aren't known by many people.

Klangkino: Info: "Progstreaming" bietet Alben zum kostenfreie...: Wie die Überschrift schon titelt, bin ich auf eine sehr interessante Sache gestoßen, denn die Streaming-Seite Progstreaming beinhaltet dutz...

I remember having picked up the "Honour Thy Drummer - A tribute to Mike Portnoy" album and found some mindblowing bands on them. Maybe this will happen again? No one knows,but check the site out for yourselfs:


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