Mystic Prophecy

First let us remain a moment in silence for Steve Jobs (CEO and one of the founding members of Apple Computers) who passed away on 10/5/2011. His outstanding work and impact on music shall be remembered forever. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

Looking back I have found out that often recommendations of friends made me gettin' to know new bands,which is a thing I love to do.:-)

So here we go with one example of such a band. They are called 'Mystic Prophecy' and are living in Greece. Fine powermetal mixed up with some thrash combined with modern sound and roughness gives them their unique style. If you do like bands like Brainstorm, Morgana Lefay and/or Testament then this is worth checking out for you.

BTW: if you do have a recommendation of a band please put a link here in the comments or send me a E-Mail. I would like to add these here on my blog,too. This also goes if you do have a blog or website about Metal. Please let me know, I'd like to take a look inside and add them here.

As for now have fun with Mystic Prophecy's 'Savage Souls'.

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