Sometimes even visiting a random concert can help digging out a new diamond in the metal universe.:-) Love.Might.Kill are one of those. Some friends of mine visited one of their shows and came back being totally blown away.

What happened? They had the joy to see the new band project of Michael Ehre,who's already known for his drum-work with Metalium. He now has found a italian-german mixed combo playing melodic metal in the style of bands like Gotthard or Bonfire.

Later then I had the same joy like my friends. We had to do a little travel and I can say that I've rarely seen such a band transporting the fun they have while playing music over to the fans. You could see many happy faces on that evening.

Have some fun and see the official video and a album teaser from their debut CD 'Brace for impact' below.

Finally have a look on their website for more info:



Gotthard offering free new song with new vocalist on board

Great heavy-rock band from switzerland. Cool grove combined with much heavyness and outstanding vocals. And sometimes ballads touching heart and soul of a lot of metal maniacs.
Sadly the long-term vocalist of the band Steve Lee died much too early in a accident,but the band has chosen to continue with a new vocalist

Nic Maeder is the new vocalist of Gotthard! The band works on a new album.

Download now a free new song with Nic Maeder on vocals titled 'Remember it's me'.



Listen to the new Daughtry album before the release

Chris Daughtry - a well known name in the world of Rock and Metal. He took part in the 'American Idol' contest some years ago. He didn't won it,but was given a contract for a album release together with some other musicians.

By now they released two albums and both,the seld titled deb├╝t and the follow up 'Leave this town' totally rocked IMHO.

They do combine powerfull,straight Rocksongs with the variable voice of Chris Daughtry. They sound a bit like Nickelback did back in the first days.

Album no. 3 is coming up on 11/21/11. Have a listen already today of the full album legally here:


James Murphy fighting cancer again- a call for help

James Murphy, the well known guitarist who played for bands such as Death and Testament is facing the fight against cancer again.

The tumor seems to have returned and he needs a medical treatment for six months which he cannot pay due to his illness which doesn't allow him to work properly.

Please help out in any way you can, e.g. with a donation. You can find more detailed info in the article linked below from the Decibel magazine along with the data needed to do a proper donation via Paypal.

Donate to James Murphy | Decibel Magazine


Listen to Korn's new song 'Sanctuary'

The time of the release of the new Korn album is getting closer. So I guess there are many of you out there that are looking forward to the 6th of December and would like to listen to more stuff in advance.

Here you go. Hot Topic has been chosen by the band to reveal the track 'Sanctuary'. Here's the link to the article with the song. Enjoy. :-)



Iron Saviour

Wow,good old power metal from germany! That's what Iron Saviour is all about. They keep up the old traditional sound that Helloween had back in the day when they started making music with the first EP and 'Walls of Jericho'.

The vocalist of the band is Piet Sielck,a old friend ofKai Hansen,well known through his albums with Helloween and even more today with Gamma Ray. His voice is outstanding and give the band a very own trademark along with the hard riffs and great refrains he puts together.

After a little break the band is coming back with a new album called 'The Landing'. Let's have a look into the studio and hear some fresh stuff from the band,the song you can hear is 'The Saviour' of the new album 'The Landing':

The band website can be found at



Mob Rules liveconcert to be streamed for free

A quick but very important info: these years Mob Rules show @ Stadtfest Oldenburg live recording will be streamed and broadcasted on the following dates via Oldenburg Eins (local TV station here in northern germany but you can also watch it via the webstream, link at the end of this article)

11/10/2011. 20:45h and 0:45h

11/13/2011 16:30h

(All info is in german time except for the datestamp for which I use the american format)

Watch it here:




Today I'd like to introduce you to a legendary band that ain't known by many people. It's time to talk about the good old thrash band Xentrix from Preston, England.

They combined the raw power of thrash metal with much technical skill,mixed it up with fine melodies and rounded the whole package up with thoughtful lyrics that many of you guys out there might have come around, talking about the meaning of existence as well as the balance between economics and nature. The band IMHO should have the status like bands like Slayer, Metallica or Megadeth. For some reason,that's unknown to me they never did.

There was a small reunion done back in 2006,but after some shows the band decided not to go on like this. They'd build up other life's in the meantime which seem to be more important to them.

Anyway,let's hear 'Don't compromise' of their first album:

No Compromise

Wanna more? Head over to the bands website. There are some nice goodies waiting for you.:-)



Vanden Plas

Nowadays most people discover new music through the various possibilities of the internet. But back in the day the only chance was listening to cover CD's from magazine's such as Rock Hard or Metal Hammer.

One day I listened to the track 'I can see' from Vanden Plas featured on the Rock Hard cover CD. It fastly got me through the killer riff along with the great atmosphere the refrain provided with the special long stretched vocals mixed up with backing vocals. Ever since the band's on my mind and they did even made me more interested in their music in the following years.

By now they have their first ever videoclip put out. It's a song from their latest album entitled 'The Seraphic Clockwork'. Let's see if it will make you interested in more of them.

For more info on the band visit their homepage at: