Iron Saviour

Wow,good old power metal from germany! That's what Iron Saviour is all about. They keep up the old traditional sound that Helloween had back in the day when they started making music with the first EP and 'Walls of Jericho'.

The vocalist of the band is Piet Sielck,a old friend ofKai Hansen,well known through his albums with Helloween and even more today with Gamma Ray. His voice is outstanding and give the band a very own trademark along with the hard riffs and great refrains he puts together.

After a little break the band is coming back with a new album called 'The Landing'. Let's have a look into the studio and hear some fresh stuff from the band,the song you can hear is 'The Saviour' of the new album 'The Landing':

The band website can be found at


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