Sometimes even visiting a random concert can help digging out a new diamond in the metal universe.:-) Love.Might.Kill are one of those. Some friends of mine visited one of their shows and came back being totally blown away.

What happened? They had the joy to see the new band project of Michael Ehre,who's already known for his drum-work with Metalium. He now has found a italian-german mixed combo playing melodic metal in the style of bands like Gotthard or Bonfire.

Later then I had the same joy like my friends. We had to do a little travel and I can say that I've rarely seen such a band transporting the fun they have while playing music over to the fans. You could see many happy faces on that evening.

Have some fun and see the official video and a album teaser from their debut CD 'Brace for impact' below.

Finally have a look on their website for more info:


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