End the year with a day full of music

German TV station 3sat is broadcasting on 12/31/11 live show recordings of several artists for 24 hours 'til New Years eve! Include are shows from Ac/Dc,Bryan Adams,U2,Herbert Grönemeyer,Freddie Mercury tribute show,Linkin Park and many,many more. Go to their website for all details including broadcast times (german time).

http://www.3sat.de/programm/?viewlong=viewlong&d=20111231&dayID=ClnDaN31&cx=59 g


Cozy Powell documentary movie coming up

It looks like a documentary movie showing the life of drum-legend Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath) is in the makings. As www.powermetal.de in a post said it's not clear if and when the movie will be released. As for now check out the short trailer that's already up on youtube. In rememberance to the man that performed the legendary dance with the devil drum-rhythm.


Korn's Path to Totality album stream up and running

At the beginning of this month Korn released their brandnew album. The band says that the people should consider this CD as a experimental album mixing the dubstep elements with the traditional Korn style. So far the reactions seem to be twisted,some like it while other's can't stand it. If you're not sure if it's worth buying then here's your chance to hear the full album legally and for free. Do you like what you hear?



Wacken Livevideos back online again

There are currently some videos of these years Wacken Open Air back online again. For a limited time (mostly a week) you can watch live footage from Trivium, Motörhead and the amazing Heaven shall burn gig again. Have a good time with these goodies.:-)



Get new Savage Messiah album for free!

Well, Christmas is the time where people like to give out presents to each othere. As I already stated at some other post this often leads to a expensive december. :-) But not everything that is nice and fine must be expensive.

For example the new album of the british Thrash bands Savage Messiah has been put up totally for free for everybody to download. What a nice christmas gift for all of us Metalheads. Thank you very, very much Savage Messiah!!!!

Free and legal download of the new Savage Messiah album

Having heard the album by now I can't believe how fine quality this one is. The album comes with a fine production, critical and quality lyrics and most of all with superb songs that kick a lot of ass. In addition there's a lot of different tracks of it, so you won't be bored with a album that know's only one riff and a standard beat all the time. It's fine Thrash Metal in the tradition of bands like Brainstorm, Evile and other younger bands combining modern sounds and production with the power and heavyness of the old trademarks of bands like Testament, Xentrix and Overkill. I can only say: grab your copy right now, it's such a fine album with a cool artwork and booklet, it's very well worth the wait.

If you'd like to have a physical copy of the album on CD to support the band, here's a link where you can get the album plus a free poster and patch via the online store of their record company:

Savage Messiah @ earache Webstore

If you are not sure if it's worth the download, here's the title track for you to check out via youtube. BTW: the full album is also up there so for all of you youtube fans out there it shouldn't be hard to find the rest of the album,too also I do strngly recommend the download with the fine artwork and booklet inside along with the great songs.

Finally give their Facebook bandpage a shot to stay updated about what's going on with the band and where they are playing next.

Savage Messiah @ Facebook


Premiere of new Asphyx song now online

Looking around here I realised that Death Metal is a style of our beloved music that I've led out so far. No problem, this can still be changed. :-)

As for Asphyx it's interesting how I got to know them. I remember I saw them for the first time live back in 2000 at my first Bang your Head festival. They played as a opening slot for Cannibal Corpse at the warm-up show the evening before the main event started. I never heard them before so I was pretty amazed that they did play Death Metal mixed up with a good portion of Thrash and melody, a mixture I started to like pretty much.

By now the band has had it's revival after some years of silence and is currently working on a new album which is set to be released on 02/24/2012 entitled "Deathhammer". The german monthly magazine RockHard is currently exclusively streaming the title track at this side, it's a typical song by the band. Go in here to find out if you like their style of Death Metal:

Asphyx Song "Deathhammer" Stream at Rock Hard magazine


Liveshows from Megadeth, Trivium and Korn

The december is a expensive months for most of us. Christmas is near and it's time to give some nice presents to all those people who are next to you or who do matter the most to you. Anyway, this shouldn't keep you from having the possibility to watch some fine concerts also tickets aren't cheap and bands aren't always touring every country in the world. Here is some live stuff I gathered on youtube. Enjoy and share these gifts with as many of your friends as possible. :-)

Edit and Update 12/18/2011: the second part of the Trivium set has been taken off from youtube. Don't know why, I just found out for myselfs and just wanted to let you know so you hopefully don't wonder what's up with this. If you have more info on this, please let me know I'd like to know and put up a new link, if that's legally possible.



How can I find Serenity? For me music has proven to be a constant and reliable source of Serenity allowing me to relax, to express myselfs and finding a positive way of getting along with all the troubles of life. Sharing this feeling with friends thinking almost the same is great!

Back to the topic of this blog now. :-) There's a band out there of the same name from Switzerland. I was introduced to them at a show that Morgana Lefay headlined back in 2007. They were the opening act at that evening and I didn't heard them before. They surprised me with their powerfull, yet very emotional progressive metal combining fast rhythm and riffs with melodic vocals and fine keyboards. They reminded me of Tad Morose a bit back in the early days when they released the "Sender of thoughts" album. And their bass guitar player obviously was very inspired by John Myung. Nice that I could talk to you guys after the show and thanks for the autographs!

By now, the band has professionalised even more and integrated classical party into their music. They released a new video of the actual album "Death & Legacy". Check it out and find your own serenity (hopefully).

The band-website can be found at:

Serenity - Official Homepage


Wacken Open Air 2011- more Videos coming up and stuff in german TV

The Wacken Homepage just revealed, that the german TV broadcasting station NDR will be uploading 20 new videos of Wacken 2011 till Christmas 2011!

W:O:A - Wacken Open Air : Die volle Ladung Wacken zur Weihnachtszeit im TV!

The clips will be up for viewing at the following website:

NDR Wacken 2011 homepage

There will also be a broadcast of a 90 minute film containing interviews,behind the scenes material and some nice stories from the camping grounds and the city of Wacken on german TV station NDR. It will be aired in the night of 8. to 9th of December 2011 at 2:30 o'clock in the morning (german time).

More info on the broadcast can be found here:

Wacken - Ein Dorf sieht schwarz

Seems like it may also be able to be seen through the livestream of the station. Just check in here if
it works on the time and date given above:

NDR Livestream

Have a nice christmas time people. :-)

Update 12/6/11: The cut together called "Heavy Metal auf der Wiese" is back online, this time cut into 21 smaller videos for smarter browsing as the website says.

Heavy Metal auf der Wiese - cut to 21 smaller videos