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Well, Christmas is the time where people like to give out presents to each othere. As I already stated at some other post this often leads to a expensive december. :-) But not everything that is nice and fine must be expensive.

For example the new album of the british Thrash bands Savage Messiah has been put up totally for free for everybody to download. What a nice christmas gift for all of us Metalheads. Thank you very, very much Savage Messiah!!!!

Free and legal download of the new Savage Messiah album

Having heard the album by now I can't believe how fine quality this one is. The album comes with a fine production, critical and quality lyrics and most of all with superb songs that kick a lot of ass. In addition there's a lot of different tracks of it, so you won't be bored with a album that know's only one riff and a standard beat all the time. It's fine Thrash Metal in the tradition of bands like Brainstorm, Evile and other younger bands combining modern sounds and production with the power and heavyness of the old trademarks of bands like Testament, Xentrix and Overkill. I can only say: grab your copy right now, it's such a fine album with a cool artwork and booklet, it's very well worth the wait.

If you'd like to have a physical copy of the album on CD to support the band, here's a link where you can get the album plus a free poster and patch via the online store of their record company:

Savage Messiah @ earache Webstore

If you are not sure if it's worth the download, here's the title track for you to check out via youtube. BTW: the full album is also up there so for all of you youtube fans out there it shouldn't be hard to find the rest of the album,too also I do strngly recommend the download with the fine artwork and booklet inside along with the great songs.

Finally give their Facebook bandpage a shot to stay updated about what's going on with the band and where they are playing next.

Savage Messiah @ Facebook

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