Liveshows from Megadeth, Trivium and Korn

The december is a expensive months for most of us. Christmas is near and it's time to give some nice presents to all those people who are next to you or who do matter the most to you. Anyway, this shouldn't keep you from having the possibility to watch some fine concerts also tickets aren't cheap and bands aren't always touring every country in the world. Here is some live stuff I gathered on youtube. Enjoy and share these gifts with as many of your friends as possible. :-)

Edit and Update 12/18/2011: the second part of the Trivium set has been taken off from youtube. Don't know why, I just found out for myselfs and just wanted to let you know so you hopefully don't wonder what's up with this. If you have more info on this, please let me know I'd like to know and put up a new link, if that's legally possible.

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