How can I find Serenity? For me music has proven to be a constant and reliable source of Serenity allowing me to relax, to express myselfs and finding a positive way of getting along with all the troubles of life. Sharing this feeling with friends thinking almost the same is great!

Back to the topic of this blog now. :-) There's a band out there of the same name from Switzerland. I was introduced to them at a show that Morgana Lefay headlined back in 2007. They were the opening act at that evening and I didn't heard them before. They surprised me with their powerfull, yet very emotional progressive metal combining fast rhythm and riffs with melodic vocals and fine keyboards. They reminded me of Tad Morose a bit back in the early days when they released the "Sender of thoughts" album. And their bass guitar player obviously was very inspired by John Myung. Nice that I could talk to you guys after the show and thanks for the autographs!

By now, the band has professionalised even more and integrated classical party into their music. They released a new video of the actual album "Death & Legacy". Check it out and find your own serenity (hopefully).

The band-website can be found at:

Serenity - Official Homepage

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