Adrenaline Mob / EP and Video up for streaming

Wow, very powerfull and hard music. That is what first comes to my mind when I listened to this one. And looking to the people that stand behind it, it's rarely surprising that in comes in such a fine quality but it is a surprise that there's only few progressive elements in there. Just look at the actual member list and you'll understand:

Mike Portnoy - Drums
Russell Allen - Vocals
Mike Orlando - guitars

Their first album "Omertá" is about to be released on 3/13/2012 but you can already have a first teaser of what's to be coming up by listening to the songs of the first EP on the widget below.

They did already put out a video, if you like more audiovisual stuff then this one is for you:

After all give their website a click and look around for more stuff or even join the community of the band:

Adrenaline Mob - Official website


Rage / New album "21" to be released soon

Good old german tradition Power-Metal thats what you can exspect from the band "Rage". In their long career (the band exists since 1984) they did undergo a long evolution in which the sound of the band did develop step by step from traditional sound over to a mixed up sound with orchestra and now leading them to their own, unique brand of sound. Today it's mostly still Powermetal but mixed up with a sharp attitude of technique parts and much precission and perfect timing. Nevertheless the band still keeps the fun up while performing und that's what keeps them from beeing a too technical styled band in my eyes.

Their new album 21 is going to be released on 02/24/2012 but you can already hear the titletrack right here:

You can also download the full song for free legally here:

Download Rage - 21

And if you wanna take a look into the studio then here's your chance to do so:

The album features the following tracklist:

01. House Wins
02. Twenty One
03. Forever Dead
04. Feel My Pain
05. Serial Killer
06. Psycho Terror
07. Destiny
08. Death Romantic
09. Black And White
10. Concrete Wall
11. Eternally

Check out the bands website for all updates:

Rage - Official Website


Adrian Smith reveals new studio project band

A new studio project from Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) is up for listening and download. Still do remember his last project A.S.A.P. very well. Was a nice good traditional rock album in my eyes. Let's see if you like this. Give it a try and listen right here,right now.

I See Lights by PrimalRockRebellion


Metal Allstar Project fights against cancer

Please support this fine Metal Allstar Project fighting against cancer. Check out the single for free and if you like it please buy it to support them in the fight against this bad disease.



Live snippets from Gamma Ray&Bullet 2012

On 7th January 2012 there was a little Metal festival that took place in Berlin, Germany. Two bands that played there were Bullet and Gamma Ray.

The german TV station ZDF offers now for a limited time two live snippets from this event in their view-on-demand archives for free viewing.

Gamma Ray




Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a good start into the new year.

So there hasn't been any band introduction here on my blog so I think it's a good way to kick into the new year with some thrash. :-)

Actually this genre seems to be on the upswing again. Maybe it's because of the attention that the Big Four shows and Metallica's 30th anniversary shows threw some spotlight upon this style in Heavy Metal music. It's good to see some fresh young bands pick up the trail of the well known bands and try to combine them with a potion and variety of their own style adding new sounds and elements to the traditional sound that they are influenced of. One of them is Warbringer, a band from California, U.S.A. that formed back in 2004. They just recently toured here in germany with Arch Enemy so I hope a lot of people will remember them as support act from these shows. If not, here's a little reminder on how they sound (and look) with their actual video clip.

For more news and updates on what's going on with the band please also check out their facebook site: