Adrenaline Mob / EP and Video up for streaming

Wow, very powerfull and hard music. That is what first comes to my mind when I listened to this one. And looking to the people that stand behind it, it's rarely surprising that in comes in such a fine quality but it is a surprise that there's only few progressive elements in there. Just look at the actual member list and you'll understand:

Mike Portnoy - Drums
Russell Allen - Vocals
Mike Orlando - guitars

Their first album "Omertá" is about to be released on 3/13/2012 but you can already have a first teaser of what's to be coming up by listening to the songs of the first EP on the widget below.

They did already put out a video, if you like more audiovisual stuff then this one is for you:

After all give their website a click and look around for more stuff or even join the community of the band:

Adrenaline Mob - Official website

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