Epica are a fine orchestral metal band. You may compare them a little bit with bands like Nightwish but Epica are a bit more straight forward in my eyes, they use more harder direct and heavier riffs to bring up the power and energy that the people like so much. Another catcher of the band is the female voice of Simone Simons who brings some sort of frail elements to the sound of Epica while the sound otherwise is more dominated by the pumping rhythm section along with the heavy riffing. A perfect add in my eyes which can express so much different emotions and leave so much room for interpretation. Besides that Simone is quite a good looking woment and a eye-catcher with her long red hair which she likes to bang around with.

Actually the band has a new album coming up with and is giving out every Saturday a little video piece that forms a sort of a puzzle of the new album. But there's also a full track currentyl up for listen. Risk a ear and check it out below.

From the new album "Requiem For The Indifferent" the track "Storm The Sorrow"

You can also download the track legally from the bands label Nuclear Blast right here.

If you like to know how one of the mentioned puzzle pieces looks like here's one of them.

The official site has more info and goodies so go and check it out.

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