Today is a special day - the 29th of February only comes every four years. To celebrate this special properly I've decided to pick a band that surely deserves much more attention. I'd like to introduce you today to "Heathen", a trash metal band from the beginnings of the 80th's. Looking at their member list it seems that they had a lot of good people in their line-up but they never seem to have recognized besides the Big Four (Metallica,Slayer,Megadeth,Anthrax).

They band did split up back in 1992 but came together in 2001. By now they've released a new album in 2010 called "The evolution of chaos" and it's a superior album. I heard it first yesterday evening and are still doing so while typing this lines. The fascination hopefully can be read in these lines.

The full album "Evolution of chaos" can be heard for free on the bands myspace site.

As a little tip on which song to hear first here's "No stone unturned" which is one of my favorites of the album.

No Stone Unturned

They even have made a video for one of the songs of the album but I can't watch it here in germany. Anyway, here's the video in case you've more luck than me.

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