Sometimes it even helps, if a well known person does a appeareance on a album to put a spotlight on a not so well know band. This happened to me when I first heard about "Redemption". Having surfed around on dreamtheater.net the official site of the big Progmetal Band Dream Theater I spotted a news-headline saying that James LaBrie, the vocalist of the band had taken the time to perform the vocals on some of the tracks on "Snowfall on Judgement day".

That raised my interest that much that I headed over to the Redemption website  and checked out the youtube album trailer that the band had put up on the site. Wow, I remember that it flashed me. Especially the medlody of "Walls" refused to leave my head after quite a while after I had first heart it. What a powerfull but also skilled performance along with vocals that perfectly fitted to transport the feeling of a broken relationship and it's regret about it.

Looking for more information I found out that some big names stand behind this project:

Ray Alder - Vocals
Nicolas van Dyk - Guitars and Keyboards
Bernie Versailles - Guitars
Sean Andrews - Bass
Chris Quirarte - Drums
Greg Hosharian - Keyboards

In the meantime the band has put out a new album called "This mortal coil". You can hear the album trailer here. Well, let's see if it has the same effect on you then it had on me back on that special day.

Beside that a little side-note: the label of Redemption currently offers a label sampler for free download. It features a full track of the new album. Juts go in here and pick it up. A lot of people say it's one of the best labels for progmetal so you might find a little jewel when you're after a bunch of fresh progmetal.

Insideout music-free label sampler

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