Liquid Horizon

I remember having run across this band by pure chance - I surfed around on youtube and after I watched a video by Vanden Plas youtube offered me a video by Liquid Horizon and since the starting picture of the video did look fine I gave it a click. Well, I wasn't disappointed with my choice since it got me fastly, it's this part of something beeing so very special and unique in their sound that made me notice down the band's name quickly so I won't get lost in the dust of times.

By now I've checked their site and found out through the media tab on the site that they do follow the modern progressive way of Heavy Metal in the style of Vanden Plas and the like. Anyway, their vocalist Oliver Kilthau and the performance of drummer Chuck West do have found their very own style which gives the band a unique touch which makes it a band to be remembered . So if you like progmetal in the modern style take some minutes and check out the video of "Daily Dose".

You can also follow them on facebook to keep up with all the latest news about the band.


Overkill / Cover CD for german Rock Hard megazine

Here we go with New York's finest thrashers around so far - it's time to wreck everything. ;-) Wow, this band has been around now since the early 80th's and provided their unique heavy and brutal force of thrash to their fans worldwide every since in constant quality but also never forgot to move forward by including modern elements into their sound that are dominated by Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth vocals as well as the bass guitar performance of D.D. Verni. Personally I would also add the guitars of Dave Linsk as another trademark to the sound of the band, also he joined the band shortly before millenium's change in 1999 on the "Necroshine" album. The continuity that the band provides surely has helped the band to build up a stable fan-base that often buy's their albums and shows up when the band's on tour.

By now the band is working on their upcoming record entitled "The Electric Age". It's set up for release on March 27th 2012. The band already released one song of that particular album. To me the song reminds me alot of the old stuff the band did on "Taking Over" bringing in more roughness back to the band's sound but also adding some nice surprises into the song. Let's listen for yourselfs below, hope you'll enjoy.

The band has also put out some nice video stuff showing the making of the album. They are very well worth checking out.

The next issue of german Rock Hard magazine comes with a Overkill cover CD feat. two new songs as well as four Livetracks including rare stuff like ´Death Rider´ and ´The Beast Within´. Release date is 28th of March 2012. Listen to some snippets in the youtube video linked below.

Update 2012-03-24: The band has just released a lyric video for the Song "Wish you were dead". Makes me gettin' even more interested in the upcoming record.

Finally after all do also visit the bands website to find out more about this cool band.



Nearly every day I'm surfing several websites to keep up to date with the Heavy Metal Universe. To name my three most ones used they're RockHard Magazine as well as the well known Metal Hammer and even more the fine Powermetal webzine. So now you know some of my sources. Which are your's?

One of the topics that the Metal Hammer regulary covers is a compilation of Metal Videos that have been released recently. I mostly do look first at the band name. If I don't know the band I do look further for the starting picture that is shown mostly on youtube videos. One of them made me very interested because it showed the face of a beautifull woman. So I guess every man like's to know what stands behind that picture so I started the video. And it gave me the kick I needed to start to the day to day work. The song "Hunger" totally kicks ass I my eyes since it has a nice combination of heavy riffs and powerfull and hacked rhythm drums that fit very good with the female vocals of Elize. On the contrary the dark voice of Jake E giving it all a nice diverse package that covers different styles as well as it makes the song sounding more brutal overall.

The band from Sweden is yet in it's early days having released the self-titled album last year. Let's have a listening and besided that a look at the action-packed video the band shot for the song "Hunger".

As always do look at their official online presence to find out more about the band.



So if you're looking for a bit slower and more sadden styled band in metal then Anathema might be a good choice for you. If've been introduced to them through a cover CD that was released with the german Rock Hard Magazine back in 1998.
The song was called "Fragile Dreams" and it fastly got me by it's catchy refrain and it's powerfull drumming. At this time the sound of the band was ofter compared to Paradise Lost and the similarities to the album "Draconian Times" from Paradise Lost were hard to deny.

A lot of time has passed ever since and the band seems to have changed a lot more to a softer style with progressive and dream-like melodies. Recently I focussed back on the band after years after not having heard anything from the band. It was a new message on the Rock Hard magazine's website  that brought back my attention.Currently the band has released a new album called "Weather systems" and has given out one track of that particular album for free listening and even more for downloading. Just check it out and let's see if you like it.

New song  "The Beginning and the End" download Link (joining the Kscope mailing list is required)

The Beginning and the End-Stream and download

For more info also see the band's website