Nearly every day I'm surfing several websites to keep up to date with the Heavy Metal Universe. To name my three most ones used they're RockHard Magazine as well as the well known Metal Hammer and even more the fine Powermetal webzine. So now you know some of my sources. Which are your's?

One of the topics that the Metal Hammer regulary covers is a compilation of Metal Videos that have been released recently. I mostly do look first at the band name. If I don't know the band I do look further for the starting picture that is shown mostly on youtube videos. One of them made me very interested because it showed the face of a beautifull woman. So I guess every man like's to know what stands behind that picture so I started the video. And it gave me the kick I needed to start to the day to day work. The song "Hunger" totally kicks ass I my eyes since it has a nice combination of heavy riffs and powerfull and hacked rhythm drums that fit very good with the female vocals of Elize. On the contrary the dark voice of Jake E giving it all a nice diverse package that covers different styles as well as it makes the song sounding more brutal overall.

The band from Sweden is yet in it's early days having released the self-titled album last year. Let's have a listening and besided that a look at the action-packed video the band shot for the song "Hunger".

As always do look at their official online presence to find out more about the band.

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