So if you're looking for a bit slower and more sadden styled band in metal then Anathema might be a good choice for you. If've been introduced to them through a cover CD that was released with the german Rock Hard Magazine back in 1998.
The song was called "Fragile Dreams" and it fastly got me by it's catchy refrain and it's powerfull drumming. At this time the sound of the band was ofter compared to Paradise Lost and the similarities to the album "Draconian Times" from Paradise Lost were hard to deny.

A lot of time has passed ever since and the band seems to have changed a lot more to a softer style with progressive and dream-like melodies. Recently I focussed back on the band after years after not having heard anything from the band. It was a new message on the Rock Hard magazine's website  that brought back my attention.Currently the band has released a new album called "Weather systems" and has given out one track of that particular album for free listening and even more for downloading. Just check it out and let's see if you like it.

New song  "The Beginning and the End" download Link (joining the Kscope mailing list is required)

The Beginning and the End-Stream and download

For more info also see the band's website

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