Liquid Horizon

I remember having run across this band by pure chance - I surfed around on youtube and after I watched a video by Vanden Plas youtube offered me a video by Liquid Horizon and since the starting picture of the video did look fine I gave it a click. Well, I wasn't disappointed with my choice since it got me fastly, it's this part of something beeing so very special and unique in their sound that made me notice down the band's name quickly so I won't get lost in the dust of times.

By now I've checked their site and found out through the media tab on the site that they do follow the modern progressive way of Heavy Metal in the style of Vanden Plas and the like. Anyway, their vocalist Oliver Kilthau and the performance of drummer Chuck West do have found their very own style which gives the band a unique touch which makes it a band to be remembered . So if you like progmetal in the modern style take some minutes and check out the video of "Daily Dose".

You can also follow them on facebook to keep up with all the latest news about the band.

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