Overkill / Cover CD for german Rock Hard megazine

Here we go with New York's finest thrashers around so far - it's time to wreck everything. ;-) Wow, this band has been around now since the early 80th's and provided their unique heavy and brutal force of thrash to their fans worldwide every since in constant quality but also never forgot to move forward by including modern elements into their sound that are dominated by Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth vocals as well as the bass guitar performance of D.D. Verni. Personally I would also add the guitars of Dave Linsk as another trademark to the sound of the band, also he joined the band shortly before millenium's change in 1999 on the "Necroshine" album. The continuity that the band provides surely has helped the band to build up a stable fan-base that often buy's their albums and shows up when the band's on tour.

By now the band is working on their upcoming record entitled "The Electric Age". It's set up for release on March 27th 2012. The band already released one song of that particular album. To me the song reminds me alot of the old stuff the band did on "Taking Over" bringing in more roughness back to the band's sound but also adding some nice surprises into the song. Let's listen for yourselfs below, hope you'll enjoy.

The band has also put out some nice video stuff showing the making of the album. They are very well worth checking out.

The next issue of german Rock Hard magazine comes with a Overkill cover CD feat. two new songs as well as four Livetracks including rare stuff like ´Death Rider´ and ´The Beast Within´. Release date is 28th of March 2012. Listen to some snippets in the youtube video linked below.

Update 2012-03-24: The band has just released a lyric video for the Song "Wish you were dead". Makes me gettin' even more interested in the upcoming record.

Finally after all do also visit the bands website to find out more about this cool band.

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