Most people thinking about metal bands from Australia will surely recognize AC/DC or Airbourne when being asked for bands from this country. But there are surely a lot of other bands out there as well. One of them is Pegazus, a band that already been around since the 90's came to my attention with "Wings Of Steel", a track taken from the second CD "Wings of Destiny" that came on a sampler CD of the german Rock Hard magazine back in 1998.

I remember that I liked the song very much for the easy going riff and straight drumming as well as for the high vocals. Sometime later I got the full album and as a little surprise beneath the songs of the album weren't only straight forward songs but also some more complex tunes that needed closer listening to get the full joy of the song. So the band got a place on my "watchlist". I wanted to see how the band would develop further. The next time I should hear new songs from them was a while later when their third CD "Breaking the chains" was available as a bargain. It features a similar structure like the previous album. I would describe them as a straight rocking band with riff-driven songs that have a lot of fine melodies with them as well as great hooklines that one easily can sing-along.

Several more passed that saw the band doing a longer break while they continued their way with some live and best of releases. It shouldn't be 'till 2011 that I got aware of them again through a new videoclip for "Haunting Me" of the actual album "In Metal we trust". I found it while browsing through the Metal Hammer new videoclip section and was surprised that the band was still active yet they had changed thier linup on some positions. Anyway, it's a great song and video but check out for yourselfs:

I hope I'll be able to see them sometime live. They've been added to my "wanting to see them live" list as well. ;-)

For more info on the band check their nicely redesigned website.

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