Tad Morose

Wow, I wanted to write about this band for a long time and finally it's about to go out and tell the people about this great band from Sweden. I remember been stumbled upon this band through a friend. He purchased a maxi CD from the band. It did feature a track by Tad Morose entitled "Sender of thoughts" as well as "Lost in time" and "Here after". The band was more in a progressive style at the time, mixing melodic keyboards with hard and straight guitar riffing. They also had a very melodic vocalist who left a lot of space for dreaming and haunting interpretation to the listener of the song. I still like these tracks a lot and think that the album "Sender of thoughts" is one of the best one's out there but so underrated and unknown like only few albums I've come across so far.

With the change of the vocalist to a young man called Urban Breed the band also decided to change over to a more powermetal-like style in their sound. The line-up did last several years that saw the band producing 4 albums up to 2003. At some point Urband Breed left the band after the very good album "Modus Vivendi" back in 2003, leaving the band searching for a replacement. I should take quite a while until the found Ronny Hemlin in 2008 who is known from Steel Attack and Kenneth Jonsson in 2012 on guitars. Things began slowly to take shape again and by now the new album is closer than ever, entitled "Revenant". The band recently released a first trailer for the album presenting some fine snippets of four of the songs of the album. Check it out right now!

The band can also been seen at these year's Sworbrother festival here in Germany.
Check out their official website for detailed info and complete discography.

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