Tenacious D

Ok, let's go on with some fun stuff. A film, a band - Tenacious D was born. Maybe you remember the two guys from the film "The pick of destiny" Kyle Gass and Jack Black. The movie told the story of both coming together and finding their very own way of doing music as a combination of accoustic guitars, vocals and a good sense of humor. It featured a lot of big names in the world of Heavy Metal, to name some Ronnie James Dio, Dave Grohl and Meat Loaf. Here's the trailer for that movie in case you still don't know it. I ran across this movie only by chance as a friend of mine did point me to it.

Besides that the band can be spotted in several videoclips of well known bands like Foo Fighters, Dio, Good Charlotte and the Eagles of Death Metal. Currently the band is about to release their next album entitled "Rize of the Fenix". This time the music seems to be more sort of kick ass since it has a lot of powerfull drums in it. But let's risk a ear for yourselfs:

The band also released a video for "To be the best". I can't watch it over here in germany but you might be more lucky so I put it up here as well.

You might want to check out the band's website for more info and tourdates, that have recently been scheduled. Additionally if you live in germany: there's currently a contest running here that gives you the chance to win a concert of the band in your hometown so you can enjoy them along with all of your friends. :-) There's also a chance to win a trip to the sold-out show in Amsterdam.

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