Paradise Lost

Sometimes meeting a old friend can bring you back down memory lane. It was like this when I went to a local disco back on Sylvester 2011 to see what's going on there at the first hours of the new year. So there I met a old friend. Several years ago we shared the way from our hometown to school, which is about 25 kilometers one way nearly each day on the bus (and afterwards of couse back again the same way). What we often did was talking about music - we are both into Heavy Metal. One of the bands we both like most is Paradise Lost. So on this evening while we met back again afteral several years without contact we talked about this band,too. He suggested to me the Draconian Times Live Performance the band released some time ago to celebrate the memory of this outstanding recording.

I remembered our talk a little later when I had the possibility to download legally a album for free. My choice fell on the self titled "Paradise Lost" album. It was a long time ago I had last heard a full album from them but instantly the old feelings where back present again and it felt, as if nothing has changed in the time between. They still have this haunting melodies performed through the guitarwork of Gregor Mackintosh combined with hard rhythm and outstanding vocals. Some might say Nick Holmes can't sing but I like the way he brings up the expression of the lyrics and his dedication towards the band. Recently the band has put out a new album called "Tragic Idol" but unless to previous posts I'd like to introduce you first with some older tracks, they show more of the diversity of the sound the band offers towards the audience. So lay back and enjoy. :-) Fo further info on the band give their official home a click please.

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