Rock am Ring to be streamed online - watch Metallica and more online!

The biggest Open Air Festival in Germany is getting closer with every second. Rock am Ring has become a big brand in the world of Rock, Alternative and Heavy Metal with some of the biggest bands of the planet have already performed on the stage. The crowd is so massive that on TV recordings you can see people up to the end of the horizon and even further.

Sadly, the festival is sold out since a long time and not everybody will be able to be there for several reasons. Good luck, also this year their will be a online stream available. And you will even be able to watch the full Metallica show - I was blown away when I read about it. :-)

You can find the stream and the list of bands that are set to be streamed at this link (changes still possible, depends upon confirmation of the bands, management etc.). Remember that the times given are in german time.

Rock am Ring livestream and showtimes

The Metallica show will also be shown on the bands Festival website for their upcoming Orion Music festival. Go in here for details:

Metallica Rock am Ring stream

For all people living in germany: there's more stuff available. Their will be streams over radio and TV stations and some concert footage some time after the end of the festival. Check this site for more details:

Rock am Ring @ SWR

Update 2012-06-11: Sadly it's over, but the TV /Radio station that streamed the shows has put up some best of Videos of the shows for viewing online. Lot's of great stuff in there!

Best Of Videos-Rock-am-Ring-2012

Update 2012-06-16: Just found some more live vids and moreover interview and fun stuff at a special Rock am Ring Subpage of the german TV station SWR. Enjoy!

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