Song from the upcoming Testament album now online!

So I guess a lot of you out there will know the legendary thrash veterans from Testament. Thrash at it's best IMHO. The highly anticipated follow up to their 2008 release The Formation of Damnation will be released on July 27, 2012 (Europe) and July 31, 2012 (North America). So a lot of people are surely looking forward to hear something from the new record that features Gene Hoglan for the second time after the 1997's album Demonic on drums.

The bands record company finally has heard the call and uploaded the first track "True american hate" on soundcloud. I love it! It'y typical thrash at it's best with traditional brutal riffing, slightly melodic with a great refrain and a rhythm that let's you bang your head straight forward.

So if you have a facebook account please do me a favour and head over to the promotional site of the album that the record company has set up and give it a like. The more people like it, the more samples of the album will be revealed. So please help making this happen. :-)

Finally take a look at the band's website for all the latest info on the band, especially for toudates that hopefully soon will be confirmed.

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