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The festival season is once more upon us. :-) Also the weather here in germany is a quite mixed thing right now it's time to celebrate the music we all love and adore together with other people while having a little party with it. If you know of more stuff that is up on TV or online please let me know though a comment or email. I'd like to put up as much stuff here as possible.

Vainstream Festival 2012

Some festivals are already over and TV stations have been there to capture some footage of what happened. One of them is iMusic 1 with their show iMusic rocks show. They recently took a look at the Vainstream festival and came back with some interviews and interview stuff (e.g. with Slayer). You can watch it online at their website. It's only 30 minutes long but worth watching it.

Rock Hard Festival 2012

Another TV station here in germany is the WDR. They did visit the Rock Hard festival 2012 here in Germany and will show tonight a cut-together of interview and concert stuff. After that they will also show 2 best of's of the shows from Graveyard and Unisonic. The exact time-table goes as follows:

Sunday to Monday, 15. upon 16. Juli 2012

00.15h Rock Hard Festival 2012

All times are german times. More info on this broadcast (in german) can be found here. In case they should add the stuff afterwards to their archive I'll put the exact links here up,too.

Update 2012/07/16: Happily they did upload the videos! Just click on the links to open a new window with the video in it.

Rock Hard Festival 2012 



Additionally you can watch stuff from the past 2011 Rock Hard festival and also from the 2010 RH festival stuff is still watchable online.

Update 2012/07/16: Just got the info that Heavy Metal Home TV has also taken some footage at the festival and did upload it to youtube for watching. The video is about half a hour long and features the following bands (each one contributes one full song to the vid):


Wacken Open Air 2012

Will there be a stream this year? I have no concrete info about this yet. At least the german TV station zdf kultur has announced to broadcast a four hour special on 4th August 2012, starting at 20h (german time). Maybe the NDR may do a stream. Their Wacken sub-page is still up and running so chances might be they'll do a stream. Let's keep the fingers crossed.

Update 2012/07/27:
There will be a internet livestream from the Wacken 2012 Festival! The following bands already confirmed that their shows will be shown online: Overkill, Dimmu Borgir, U.D.O. und Hammerfall.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the stream will be online, starting at 18h (german time) and end at 1h in the night. On Sunday their will be a stream up from some shows of the previous days that hasn't been shown in the time before. More details like the full time-table will follow in the next days. I'll update the related post on the frontpage of my blog when new info arrives, so stay tuned for more!

The internetstream can be seen at this site of the german TV station NDR, thanks to them that they will give us the possibility to take part of this great event also in 2012!

Update 2012/08/03:
ZDF kultur will broadcast some of the shows live through their TV station on 4th August 2012. The following bands will be shown at the mentioned german time:

20.00 Uhr, Amon Amarth (LIVE!)

21.25 Uhr, Volbeat

22.50 Uhr, Scorpions (LIVE!)

23.15 Uhr, Machine Head (LIVE!)

Update 2012/08/05: ZDF kultur has put the video for this online, full four hours of live-stuff!!!
But hurry, it's only up for a week. 

The highlight shows in the week after the Wacken Open Air will contain the following bands at the mentioned days with german timeframe:

Update 2012/08/07: Seems like every show will be added to the on-demand-archive of the TV station for free watching after the broadcast so I'll add the links here as fast as I can. Just click on the desired show and a new window with the chosen on-demand stream will appear. :-) But hurry, every video is only up for a week. Enjoy!

6. August, 17.55 Uhr: Sepultura & Les Tambours du Bronx

7. August, 17.55 Uhr: Hammerfall

8. August, 17.55 Uhr: D.A.D und The Boss Hoss

9. August, 17.55 Uhr: Saxon

10. August, 18 Uhr: Dimmu Borgir & Orchestra

13. August, 17.55 Uhr: Edguy

14. August, 17.55 Uhr: Testament

15. August, 17.55 Uhr: Ministry

16. August 17.55 Uhr: In Extremo

17. August, 18 Uhr: In Flames

More info on the timetable regarding the broadcast on german TV station zdf kultur and the highlight shows can be found on this site  

The TV NDR station has put up the full Show from Cirle II Cirle for seven days on the Wacken subpage. The band performed Savatage's "The wake of Magellan" album in it's entirely so it's something very special.  

Update 2012/08/12: The german Metal Hammer magazine has put together some nice links as a media review shwoing what german magazine's and TV stations did report about the WOA: See the clipping with all the links attached right here. 

Update 2012/10/19: Meanwhile the german documentary "Heavy Metal trifft Karniggels" has been uploaded to this location. Having taken a look at the stuff it seems to me that the documentary stuff has been left in but the videos from the band performances have been cut out. Guess that's because of legal rights missing to stream this stuff. Anyway, nice they did put this one up at least as (optional HD) flash videos and additionally also as Windows Media Stream in three qualities.If you want to know more about the director Detlev Buck, there is another german sub-website from NDR station describing his life and work quite in detail.

In addition to this they also did set up a subpage with all the performances of the bands that played at the "Wacken metal battle" Contest. So if you saw a band there that you liked a lot or just wanna checkt out some fresh new bands, this is the place for you to go. I counted 17 videos on that page. Great so see they support young bands that much.

AREA 4 festival

There was a stream online and now some of the shows are online. Check my corresponding post for details on where to see the stuff. 

Hellfest 2012

German TV station Arte did broadcast a documentation about this Open Air located in France with it's very mixed line-up. It's nicely done, with much livemusic, interviews and some personal insights into the time the both reporters spend at the festival. Check out the movie here. It will be online for about a week. (added the link on August 5th 2012).

Omas Teich Festival 2012

A smaller festival in the eastfrisian region (northern) of germany with mostly Independent band and the like, mostly not with metal bands. ZDF kultur will broadcast a cut-together on 28th Juli 2012, starting at 20h (german time) and some specials in the week after the festival. Read the (german) announcement here. You can get more info about the festival on the official homepage.

Melt, Isle of Wight,Hurricane and Berlin Festival

Besides all of this the ZDF has some concert footage of Melt, Isle of Wight,Hurricane and Berlin Festival in their mediathek service currently online, but only for a week. Go here and click on the image to choose your desired festival stuff.

Graspop Metal Meeting 2012

Adrenaline Mob have uploaded two pro-shot videos of their performance at the Graspop Metal Meeting. Nice stuff, check it out below for yourselfes.

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