MONSTER - first demo online and guitarist wanted

Some friends of mine here in germany have opened up a band that plays L. A. thrashmetal. Currently the band has the following line-up:

Alex Oberdick - Vocals
Jörg Röttger - Drums
Patrick Feist - Bass
Klaus Kessemeier - Guitars

Anyway, they are still missing out a second guitarist and have begun searching for somebody who's able to play the music properly that can be heard in the demo clip below this article. Additionally that person should be able to add some solo's and should have had already some experience on-stage. If you like to join the band and live in northern germany (eastfrisian region), send them a email at monster-band@gmx.de
You can also view the facebook page of the band and stay in touch with them. As for the first check out the fine demo track and enjoy summer!

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