New preview of upcoming Tad Morose album found

I did talk about the upcoming Tad Morose CD "Revenant" already sometime earlier and did post a first album preview that the band did set up on youtube. Just yesterday I did look around on facebook and discovered that the band has put out yet another trailer on youtube!

Great, so I headed over and listened and enjoyed it very much. The new vocalist Ronny Hemlin seems to be a very fitting replacement to the excellent vocalist Urband Breed that did put his mark on the Tad Morose sound for a very long time. I'll keep you updated on the progress and the release date of the album but you are of couse welcome to like the band's official facebook page and stay in contact with them on that way. The band also has a nice website which can be found here. In addition tourdates for germany have been announced. (taken from Facebook page) 7.9.2012 HAMBURG, Bambi Galore 8.9.2012 Andernach, JUZ Live Club (Swordbrothers festival) Anyway, just listen to the new snippets for yourself right here. (seems like the trailer has been taken down by the band, look a little further down there's a new first teaser for you to check out).

Update 2013/12/02: The band has been interviewed/reviewed by the Against magazine. You can read it for free below and/or download it directly from the magazine's website.

Update 2013/11/19: Finally the BIG news has arrived! Just before the album will be released tomorrow the band has allowed the legendary Sweden Rock megazine the honor to offer the readers of their website a pre-listening of the full album as a stream via Sound Cloud. So let's head over and listen to this one, just did listen to the first three tracks for myselfs and they rock. Maybe I'll post a album review sometime in the near future. Until then enjoy the return of Tad Morose!  

Update 2013/10/28: The full version of the second single "Millenium Lie" has been posted by the band. It can be purchased through the following links:

Update 2013/10/10: Teaser of our new upcoming single "Millenium Lie", to be released 20 October has been posted by the band at facebook along with the cover for it. Check it out, it's quite different from the other stuff released so far.


Update 2013/09/29: The first single of the forthcoming album has been released as digital download. You can grab it from itunes and spotify.

Update 2013/09/24: Finally the official video for the first single "Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls" has arrived. Check it out below. Besides that the band is about to build about a new homepage which can be found at www.tadmorose.se

Update 2013/09/17: The band has just released a first teaser of the upcoming song "Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls". Reads like this also may be the first single of the new album. The single is set for release on 28th of September 2013. (all information taken from the official facebook page of the band). So how do you like this snippet? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Update 2013/09/02: Ronny Hemlin just posted in the comments on this article below to let me know that the album is done and will be out on November 20. 2013. In addition the band once again posted on facebook and did let the people know where to order the new album. It will be released through Despotz Records as a standard CD and there's also a special Pre-Booking Package available that can only be purchased via Despotz Records. Besides the CD it also includes a T-Shirt with the album cover on it as well as a signed poster. You can order this special item right here.

For a closer look on the nice artwork and the tracklist of the new album called "Revenant" just click on this link. It's also the location where you can order the standard CD.

Update 2013/08/21: The band just announced on their facebook page the following: "Tad Morose to release "Revenant" on Despotz Records November 20." They also linked a swedish article to that post. 
Update 2013/02/25: A few days ago the band posted this on their facebook site:

"The Album is now recorded and ready to be mixed!

.... thought you'd like to know that. \m/"

Some time ago they also posted a very short snippet from the studio recordings so I put it up here as well. Thought it might fit well in here.



  1. Hey
    Ronny Hemlin here ....

    The Album is Ready and will be released November 20

    Thanx for keeping ppl up to date man! \m/


    1. Hey Ronny, thank you very much for the comment. It's a honour and pleasure for me that you've left some nice words here.

      I've updated the article once again with order info and details about the different formats. Looking forward to the new album. Please keep the great music comming.


  2. HELL o

    Nice to see you're still promoting the hell out of REVENANT!! .... Awesome!!!

    Best regards

    Ronny Hemlin /Tad Morose