Wild Side Night - legendary Radio Show returns for one night

Does anybody remember the radio show Wild Side on the german radio station Bremen 4? I did listen to this show for numerous of hours. It was the only radio show being around from 1987 – 1997 that talked about Heavy Metal locally at Northern germany as well as about bands in the whole wide world.

They often had exclusive stuff that could be heard weeks before the official release. I recall having heard about Annihilator's new album "Set the world on fire" exclusively at that show, where the host played the title-track of the album. Some time later he had some tracks of the very first album of a band called "Fight". That band was the first project that Rob Halford did play in after he left Judas Priest so I was very pleased that he did play some tracks of the album, which made me buy the "Nailed to the gun" EP as well as the full album "War of Words".

Now the host of the show DJ Frank Hinz will do a one-night club-show that shall bring back some of the memories of the past. It will take place in Bremen at the Club Moments on Friday 26th of October 2012. Please take a look at the shared show invitation at facebook for more info on this. In addition there's also a facebook group up and running that is asking for song suggestions that should be played at this very special event. The club has also a own website and a facebook page if you like to check out the location first.

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