Metal Hammer unfolds upcoming Mob Rules album

The german section of Metal Hammer megazine presents each day one song from upcoming Mob Rules album, that is set for release on 2012/10/19. You can find the main-site here. Just click on one of the headlines under the main article and it will lead you to one of the new songs. The title of each track is included in the headline.

But there is already more stuff up there for you to check out, so I decided to seize the possibility and give you a round-up here on what has been released so far. First of the record company gives away the title-track of the album "Cannibal Nation" as free download!  Just follow this link ,register and enter the code "MG52K2V". It's well worth it - a typicall Mob Rules awaits you.

Following the fine tradition of putting out a single the band has picked the song "Ice & Fire" this time and also filmed a video to promote the song. Watch it below.

The song has been cut for the video, but the band was so kind to put up the full song on soundcloud for streaming, so here you go.

The digital single does contain the following stuff and can be ordered here. 
1. Ice & Fire (Radio Edit) 2. Ice & Fire 

Update 2012/10/20: This weekend Amazon is giving away the full album as mp3 download for only 5 Euro. Here's the direct link for purchasing "Canninbal Nation" as digital download.

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