Mediascope: AC/DC,Exodus,Kreator and Metal Evolution Pt. 2

gAfter quite some time of thinking about it, I decided to open up a new section here on my blog. It will be called "Mediascope". The sense of this is to inform you guys out there about upcoming media stuff that is worth checking out or already online.If you have suggestions for more stuff please leave a comment or email me (look at my profile for the adress please):

I start today with some fine stuff that has recently been spread around, but let's do it step by step.

AC/DC - Live At River Plate

The goog old legend from Australia. Having finished their recent world tour it's surely time for them to recharge their batteries. Live albums often can provide you with the time that is needed to do so.
Currently the legendary Rolling Stone magazine streams the full audio of the actuall live album "Live at River Plate". Just click here to jump to the proper article. Have a good time checking it out. :-)

Kreator - Live at Berlin, Huxleys 2012/12/01

Brutal thrash metal from one of the oldest german thrash bands. They did unleash "Phantom Antichrist" some time ago and wanna give all the people who cannot make it to one of their shows the chance to catch one of their performances that is said to offer a big 3D production. The video stream service www.tape.tv will broadcast their show from Huxleys, Berlin on 2012/12/01 at 22h (german time). Check out the trailer that is already up for that. If I do get more info on this I'll update this posts on the upcoming days.

Update 2012/12/01: The subsite where the streaming will take place has just been revealed. Really looking forward to this! :-)

Update 2012/12/03: For all those who missed the Kreator show on Saturday or simply wanna see it again, here is the full show for watching. Enjoy!

Metal Evolution Part 2

A new documentary talking about the vault's of Heavy Metal produced by Banger films. Actually video music station IM1 is broadcasting this one splitted up into several party. You can watch part 2 talking about the good old new wave of british heavy metal on 2012/11/27 24:00h on IM1 (german time) or watch it online on IM1 website For a first look upon what's awaiting you check out the short trailer below.

Update 2012/11/24:
Exodus @ Desperados Stage Dive

On April 2012 thrash-veterans Exodus went to South America TV station Viva is now broadcasting a special about this tour divided into two parts. Part 1 was already shown on 2012/11/15, but Part 2 is yet tom come on 2012/12/06. There's a little trailer available so you can check out if this is something worth watching.

The show has also a own site present on facebook with more details and info on past and upcoming shows and streams.


7 Seals

It's often nice to have band suggestions from friends or contacts. Those people most likely know what might be of interest for you. It was like this when a friend of mine came around with 7 Seals, a band I'd never heard of before.

And to be honest it turned out to be a blast! The band can be said to be a combination of bands like Rhapsody Of Fire and Blind Guardian, so they do play powerfull riffs mixed with blasting drums and vocal hooklines that will you make remember even a long time after you've heard the songs.

What I like so much about this band is the fact for me that they keep things a bit more straight forward. There are of couse this these church like chorus elements but things never turn out to get on your nerves because you know that the next neckbreaking fast riff is waiting around the next corner. That makes this band a bit more enjoyable if you like it a bit more straight forward.

Here's the song "To forests wild and free" for you to check out:

To forests wild and free

If you want to hear more of the album "Moribund" then visit the media section of the website, it has a fine player with all the songs of the album.

Give the band's website a chance and surf to it here.