Mediascope: Helloween, Avantasia and Black Metal movie

Wow, the new year has just begun and there are already lot's of new things online that you can check out freely. For example german metal legend "Helloween" has recently put out their newest studio album called "Straight out of hell". In cooperation with the biggest daily german newspaper "Bild" the band has set up a stream of the entire album right here.

The head of Avantasia is Tobias Sammet. With their last show the band played at the Wacken Open Air 2011 the project was officially laid to rest but Tobias Sammet felt afterwards that their was so much left unsaid and music still in his head that he had to go back and start the project once again. Actually the recordings are already finished for a new album called "THE MYSTERY OF TIME". It is set for release in March 2013. The tracklist will be:

01.  Spectres
02.  The Watchmakers' Dream
03.  Black Orchid
04.  Where Clock Hands Freeze
05.  Sleepwalking
06.  Savior In The Clockwork
07.  Invoke The Machine
08.  What's Left Of Me
09.  Dweller In A Dream
10.  The Great Mystery

A first trailer revealing that Michael Kiske will also be on board for some guest vocals has been put out. There will be in fact a big amount of guest stars on the album since Biff Byford,Bruce Kulick, Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) Arjen Lucassen (Ayeron), Joe Lynn Turner and Ronnie Atkins have been confirmed to do guest appeareances of the album. In addition you can also have a ear on some snippets of the album by checking out the trailer below.

There are more preview videos available, just check out the Avantasia youtube channel to see them.

Least for today is the stream of a full movie that had it's premiere on the Sundance film festival. It's called "Black Metal". The story is set around the main question that ask's, if and in which way are musicians responsible for the deeds of their fans? The story tells the story out of the perspective of a vocalist of a Black Metal band who has to deal with a fan driven deed of strong brutality.

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