In the studio with Airbourne, Black Sabbath and Megadeth

2013 is promising to be quite a massive year when it comes to fresh new albums from bigger Metal bands. Luckily nowadays through youtube many bands are offering studio reports on their website's that keep you informed about what's currently going on while they are recording. So you don't need to wait until the new album is out to hear something from it because these report's often do feature shot audio snippet's from the recording sessions.

Let's start with Airbourne. Airbourne's Album "Black Dog Barking" will be out on 2013/5/17. Here's the studio update for you to check out:

Next in line for todays's topic are the Heavy Metal pioneers Black Sabbath. Their new album is entitled
"13". It's going to be released in June 2013 in the old line-up Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi und Geezer Butler doing their first record together since1978. Here is what they have to say about the recording process.

The finish for this studio round up comes from Arizona/USA thrashers Megadeth who are in the studio to blast our ears with a new record called Super Collider which is set for release in June 2013. Megadeth's Super Collider is the first release through Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, through Universal Music. There are already four updates out there so I'll put here the newest of them. The rest can be found on their youtube channel. 

Update 2013/02/18: The band has released another cool studio update yesterday, so I'll put it up here as well. Sounds very, very heavy and cool. Can't wait to hear the album.

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