Easter Egg: New EP from Gamma Bomb up for free download

Here in germany there's a special celebration going on this weekend. It's easter and the tradition is to eat some painted eggs and giving out small giveaways to your loved one's. So I would like to "give" you something as well. This time it's a four track EP from the german fun thrashers Gamma Bomb. Their next album is around the corner for release but at this time they've chose to set up already a free giveaway prior to the release. Grab the EP from HERE. The songs will not be up on the full length release.

Die Tracklist of TERRORSCOPE:
Terrorscope ( English)
666% Insane
Jaws 4
Terrorscope (Spanish)

Encore: hear the new Amaranthe album "The nexus" right HERE for free at the soundcloud stream.

Hope you're having a great long easter weekend everybody and hope to see you back soon again since even more stuff here for the site is in the makings. :-)

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