Headbangers Open Air 2013


Finally spring see's the day of light here in germany. With the sun coming out and the temperature rising I guess a lot of you people out there will think about the upcoming festival season with the chance to hear our beloved music under a open sky along with sharing this moments with other people that have
the same taste of music.

Besides the bigger and well known festival's out there we saw in recent years happily a coming up of festivals of a much smaller style often featuring young and new bands or smaller and not so well known bands. One of 'em just came to my attention through a friend of mine. I'm talking about the Headbanger's Open Air near Hamburg, Germany (exactly in in 25364 Brande) that will take place between 25th of July up to 27th of July 2013.

Why did it got my attention? It's a small festival focussing on providing you with great music but without all of the bigger bands to keep the ticket price as low as possible. The sensation in my eyes is that you only have to pay 48 Euro to be able to go in. These includes presale, camping directly at your car/van and the possibility to see all of the bands!

Nevertheless they managed to confirm Overkill, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors, Praying Mantis, Demon, Iron Saviour, Kissin' Dynamiteand Forte for 2013's festival line-up. These bands are the more known bands. Besides that a bunch of upcoming bands will add to the event such as Game Over, King Leoric or Heretic.

You can get your ticket and all additional information for the festival on the website. If you like stay some more time on the festival, then you might be happy to read that there's even a Warm up party organised on 24th July as well as a Aftershow Party on 28th July 2013. Sounds like this one could turn out to be quite a nice event in 2013 :-).

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