Wacken 2013 - see nine hours of stuff from this years WOA.

Starting on Friday the 13th at 20h (CEST) TV station NDR will stream shows and interviews on their website ndr.de The stream won't have a region lock, so everybody should be able to watch this!

Later on at midnight a five hour documentation about the festival will be broadcasted through their TV channel. (You should also be able to see this through the webstream of the TV station at http://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/livestream217.html).

For more details on this event like the exact timetable for the mentioned interviews and live-recordings go to www.ndr.de/unterhaltung/events/wacken/wackennacht101.html (sorry, only in german available).

Update 2013/09/16: If you missed the documentation "Alles auf schwarz - Wacken!!!: Sarnau & Hübner bei den Metalheads" then you've got a second chance to see this by checking out this site.
It holds the documentation divided into three parts plus several interviews with well known musicians.

Update 2013/09/13: Some more details in german language about the documentation entitled "Alles auf schwarz -Wacken!!!: Sarnau & Hübner bei den Metalheads" that will be broadcasted tonight plus a trailer can be viewed on this site of the TV station NDR.

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