Crystal Viper "Fight Evil With Evil" - Free Halloween download single

Happy Halloween! Here’s a gift for all of you, the FREE Crystal Viper download single! Featuring very special guest: Harry Conklin of Jag Panzer / Satan's Host / Titan Force!

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The song is titled "Fight Evil With Evil", and is taken from the forthcoming studio album "Possession", (out on Friday, December 13).


CD Review: Mahogany Head Grenade - Return to the part of departure

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Short introduction

It's time for the next review. This time I checked out the first release from Mahogany Head Grenade called Return to the part of departure. The band is located in Texas and is set up as a a Progressive Instrumental trio that did release their first album in May 2013. The album was tracked live, recorded & engineered by Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah) at Valve Studios in Dallas. Mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Cynic, Halford, Sepultura) at Maor's studio in California, USA. The live tracking especially surprises me - it's something I've seldomely come across.  

Short Summary / Player / Download and CD Purchase Links

The album is great, no question. If you're into instrumental Progmetal you should give it a listening round. I would describe them as typical shred metal, along with a little influence from modern metal. The special one comes in when you think about the Texas roots, so there's a lot of these guitar work in there that you can hear.

The only thing one might dislike are the many guitar solos, but in the end it's a instrumental album so this shouldn't be a problem. It has a fully professionell sound and production, full blown and decent sound for such a music style and features cool fotographic inlay to each track. Just check out the title track or "Trouble for trouble" and you'll fastly know if it's your flavor of music or not.

The album can be purchased as a download for only 3 dollar at the BANDCAMP SITE. There you can quickly get the album in high quality FLAC (File losless Audio Converter) format as well as in high MP3 format. The album is also available as four panel digipak CD featuring original artwork by the band: You can get it from the linked bandcampe page. It's also available on itunes, amazon, cd baby Just click on the links to go to the proper site.

Update 2014/11/03: The prices have been reduced! You can pick up the download for a price of your own choice (no minimum is set). The Compact Disc version is available for 5 Dollar but you have to add shipping and handling for the physical copy of course.

If you want to stay in touch with band, you can do so on facebook or check out the band's youtube account to see some nice live videos of the band performing some of their tracks.

Track by track Review:

Return to the Point of Departure
Very dark, gloomy Intro style. Feels like something unknown and evil might come down. Very catchy riff in here, much Texas metal reference. Good variations and guitars much in the front row, making this a good raw start to the album. Cool solo. Makes me wanna here more.

Trouble for Trouble
Strange voice Intro. Going over into some rhythmic section, laid back feeling. Guitars then rushing in, giving the song a more agressive, cutting riff while bass and drums follow, making it a very compact sound. After some solos suprisingly a change to a soft section, slightly moving the song for a moment in the jazz direction before one more solo throws it back to the old heavyness and riffing.

Another strange voice intro leading into a short rhythmic section, followed up by brutal heavyness typical for this band. Some seconds to take a breath after that with one more jazz-like jam-section. We are introduced to a very heavy jamming guitars part, putting a lot of shred metal in here. Some more melodic play-along in the end of the track following it to a soft end.

Etude War Machine 
Very compact riff-monster rushing in bringing the album into a more moving direction. Much of the rawness of the band in here I think, lot's of very different guitar solo variations to listen to. The end sounds like the last of possible things is shred out here. Very short ending.

Venetian Bricks
The last track starts with a short riff introduction. Again much guitar variations in here with the drums and bass following straight to it. Very heavy and bold sound at the end making it a very, very tight track. The shortest one on this record but a very good ending to this release.  


Unusual Motörhead TV documentation online

A german documentation about Motörhead is currently up for viewing online. It is part of the well known "Number one" series with Markus Kavka who already portrayed other well known musicians before. The cool things on this one is that it talks a lot about the private life of Lemmy and has some funny facts in it. So head over to the streaming page of the TV station ZDF kultur to watch it, it will be available for a limited period only.


Back to the old new days with Paradise Lost and Iced Earth

Do you like the headline? It's meant to introduce the return of some re-recorded Paradise Lost songs along with a new track from Iced Earth which reminds me a lot of the old records of that band.

Paradise Lost will soon unleash their "Tragic Illusion 25" compilation, a album that will see old Paradise Lost songs re-recorded very properly to do the old classics justice. So far the band has given out two of that songs as a teaser and they both surprised me with very dark and heavy vocals by Nick Holmes as well as proper technical re-work on the old songs. Check out "Our Saviour 2013" and "Gothic 2013" right here to find out what exactly I mean with these words.

Iced Earth did already go back to old days with their last effort "Dystopia" but the now released lyric video for the title-track of the upcoming record "Plagues of Babylon" beats that once more. I like the old-styled sound with reduced drumsound and normal guitars while the vocals are more mixed to the front of the listener. What do you think, will this album rock or should they head to some different direction? Please let me know in the comments section below.


Listening blast: hear the full new albums from Trivium,Dream Theater and Korn

By now that the autumn time is back a lot of bands seem to have just waited for the right time to bring their new CDs out. Happily a lot of them give us the chance to listen to the full albums before buying them so you everyone can check them out before buying them.

Let's start with the new Korn album called "Paradigm Shift". I like it, it comes with a fresh attempt but also has a lot of the old raw power of the band. Plus it features a track named "Never, Never". It's about how it is when you hearts broken. Who didn't already had to deal with this emotion? Anyway, here's the stream for all of you out there:

Korn - Prey For Me on MUZU.TV

To you yearn for some fresh more thrash-alike metal music? Then the new Trivium album "Vengeance falls" might be what you're looking for. The first free download track "Brave this storm" already gave hope that the album might be a killer, but the album stream now proves that this band is excellent. Check it out for yourselfes at this page.

The last in todays row are progmetal veterans Dream Theater with the new output simply entitled "Dream Theater". In my eyes they go more straight to the meat with this one, which is very welcomed by me. The last track is too lenghty in my eyes. Less repeatings and well known song structures would have worked out fine here IMHO. Listen to the full album at the Rolling Stones website.