Back to the old new days with Paradise Lost and Iced Earth

Do you like the headline? It's meant to introduce the return of some re-recorded Paradise Lost songs along with a new track from Iced Earth which reminds me a lot of the old records of that band.

Paradise Lost will soon unleash their "Tragic Illusion 25" compilation, a album that will see old Paradise Lost songs re-recorded very properly to do the old classics justice. So far the band has given out two of that songs as a teaser and they both surprised me with very dark and heavy vocals by Nick Holmes as well as proper technical re-work on the old songs. Check out "Our Saviour 2013" and "Gothic 2013" right here to find out what exactly I mean with these words.

Iced Earth did already go back to old days with their last effort "Dystopia" but the now released lyric video for the title-track of the upcoming record "Plagues of Babylon" beats that once more. I like the old-styled sound with reduced drumsound and normal guitars while the vocals are more mixed to the front of the listener. What do you think, will this album rock or should they head to some different direction? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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