Listening blast: hear the full new albums from Trivium,Dream Theater and Korn

By now that the autumn time is back a lot of bands seem to have just waited for the right time to bring their new CDs out. Happily a lot of them give us the chance to listen to the full albums before buying them so you everyone can check them out before buying them.

Let's start with the new Korn album called "Paradigm Shift". I like it, it comes with a fresh attempt but also has a lot of the old raw power of the band. Plus it features a track named "Never, Never". It's about how it is when you hearts broken. Who didn't already had to deal with this emotion? Anyway, here's the stream for all of you out there:

Korn - Prey For Me on MUZU.TV

To you yearn for some fresh more thrash-alike metal music? Then the new Trivium album "Vengeance falls" might be what you're looking for. The first free download track "Brave this storm" already gave hope that the album might be a killer, but the album stream now proves that this band is excellent. Check it out for yourselfes at this page.

The last in todays row are progmetal veterans Dream Theater with the new output simply entitled "Dream Theater". In my eyes they go more straight to the meat with this one, which is very welcomed by me. The last track is too lenghty in my eyes. Less repeatings and well known song structures would have worked out fine here IMHO. Listen to the full album at the Rolling Stones website.

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