How are vinyls manufactured?

Did you ever ask how it looks like when vinyl albums are manufactured? This little movie filmed at the Record Industry,Haarlem (NL) from the EMP Rockinvasion magazine in german language gives some insight.

Glad to see vinyl albums ain't outdated yet. It's still something very special for me when I do listen to a album from a turntable. Love this crackling and rustling, it belongs to it IMHO. You can see more movies from this magazine on their youtube channel.


Fresh stuff from Marty Friedman, Savage Messiah and Caliban online

Wow, it's quite some time ago that I heard something from Marty Friedman. He became very famous for his work as a the sidekick of Dave Mustaine from Megadeth but afterwards I never heard much from him again. I knew he had a solo project going on and also listened to one of his CDs but through the last years there was no sign of life to be seen... Until now I found this song at the metalunderground website telling me that a new album called "Inferno" is set for release in May 2014. So check out what Friedman is all about these days.

Next in row for today are english thrashers Savage Messiah. Their new album "The Fateful Dark" is coming closer with a release on March 30th. They've recently put out one more track to check out, the text talks about the Ganghi "Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth". 
Update 2014/01/28: Just received the info that Earache Records has put up a nearly 20 minute video with snippets from all of the songs of the upcoming album, so I've added that video, too. Sound great IMHO, very fine trash going straight to the point. Lets see how the album will turn out.

Finally if you wanna hear the full new Caliban album entitled "Ghost empire" jump over here to the website of the EMP mailorder. They have the new record up there in a nice player showing a tape being in the cassette player while listening to the track. Reminds me a lot back to the nice old times. The happiest days of our lifes...


MONSTER looking for new guitar player

The new year is already running, but sadly it isn't all good news since the guitarist of MONSTER Dimi Weis recently left the band due to time problems with all the other stuff he is already busy with.

MONSTER are currently looking for a new, skilled guitarist. If you think you have, what it takes to play their songs please contact the band at monster-band@gmx.de. Or contact them through their facebook site, theres also a lot of other cool stuff on their site that you can check out.

You can hear their first demo below. The full 3 track demo is available for free download through soundcloud.

Update 2014/03/05:  The seach is over! The band recently announced Klaas Olthoff (ex-BURIAL VAULT / THE DAMNATION) as their new second guitarist. 
Currently the band is working on finishing the first length album which will previously be released early 2014 / spring 2014. Stay tuned, I'll post here if there's something new happening in the MONSTER camp. :-) 


Steamhammer Label Sampler up for free download

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! Hope you had a great start into the new year.

Amazon currently gives away a Compilation of Metal songs for free download featuring new songs from Running Wild and Axel Rudi Pell as well as some classic tracks from the past. Enjpy. :-)  Jump over here to see the product page.

The trak list reads as follows:

1 Loner- Eat The Gun
2 Soldiers of Fortune- Running Wild
3 Killing the Fuss- Betzefer
4 Deathwish- Pro-Pain
5 Godzilla- Mad Max
6 World Arena- Vengeance
7 Shadowmaker- Crematory
8 Dropping Like Flies- Spiralarms
9 Agent Orange- Sodom
10 Mad Butcher- Destruction
11 Ace of Spades (live)- Motorhead
12Long Way to Go- Axel Rudi Pell