New project Starchild featuring Michael Kiske, Jens Becker and Sandro Giampietro

Wow, this has just flashed me. The german section of the Metal Hammer reported on their website that the band Starchild is going to put out their first album with a track that is a cooperation of Michael Kiske and Helge Schneider!

You need to know that Helge Schneider is a well known comedian over here in germany. He has some sort of very own humor but has also proven to be a musician of skill. He did a tour some time ago that featured Pete York, the legendary jazz drumer as part of his band.

Anyway the information that Helge Schneider will play the organ on the charity track "Black And White Forever" while Kiske and Giampietro will share the vocals as a duett already surfaced on the Metal Hammer news.Parts of the profits that will be made with this track are going to be handed over to a foundation fighting against cancer. You can hear some excerpty of that song right here:

The album is set for release on FRIDAY, 11th APRIL 2014 and will feature the following band members on the regular tracks of the record:

Sandro Giampietro / Lead Vocals & Guitars
(Zillion, songwriter & producer for Michael Kiske, co-songwriter for Unisonic)

Jens Becker / Bass
(Zillion, Grave Digger )

Michael Ehrè / Drums
(Love Might Kill, Gamma Ray )

Esmeralda / Electric Violin
(Violin Virtuoso from Sankt Petersburg)

While we wait for the record to be released enjoy the full title track and video, it's excellent music and brings up some joy into the day. :-) The bands homepage can be reached right here.
Another good idea is to check out their youtube channel for some more snippets...


MONSTER posts snippet of a new song

A new song snippet from the band MONSTER has surfaced on their facebook page. It's a rough mix of a track from the upcoming album. Very cool stuff, like what I hear especially the more complicated part in there.

The band is still looking for a new guitarist, email them if you're interested: monster-band@gmx.de or send a message through the facebook account of the band. The band is located in Aurich, that's in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Update 2014/03/07:  The seach is over! The band recently announced Klaas Olthoff (ex-BURIAL VAULT / THE DAMNATION) as their new second guitarist. 
Currently the band is working on finishing the first length album which will previously be released early 2014 / spring 2014. Stay tuned, I'll post here if there's something new happening in the MONSTER camp. :-)