Free download of songs at AFM V.I.P. Area

Wow, a new month has already begun! So that means checking out what should be up next. It also means looking for what to spend on the money. The costs for life have increased in my eyes over the last years. But surely no one wants to live without music, right? ;-) So what to do if you want to listen to some new stuff?

One solution I ran across is the V.I.P area on the AFM-Records website. The label is well known for having a lot of bands under their banner that are smaller or are on the way to get bigger including acts like Brainstorm, Fear Factory, Mob Rules, Sinner and the like. So clicking on the link will take you to the mentioned V.I.P. area. All you need to do there is to register shortly with a valid Email adress and the activation code that is displayed at the welcome page. Once registered by verifying the registration by clicking the activation link in the email you'll receive you're in!

After that you only need to login with your registered E-Mail adress and will have access to the possibility to download complete songs from the AFM rooster for free. There's one more good message: the label refreshes the song selection after some weeks. So as the time passes by all you need to do is to come back to the V.I.P. area, login again and you'll see a new track selection for download. Nice, right? :-) At the moment I'm typing these lines the label offers the following tracks for download:
  1. Iron Savior - Burning Heart04:39
  2. Words Of Farewell - Beauty In Passing04:53
  3. Silent Force - Caught In Their Wicked Game04:40
  4. Crystal Viper - Prophet Of The End05:36
  5. Ektomorf - Numb and Sick04:42 
  6. Lake Of Tears - Taste Of Hell (live)03:53 
  7. Rhapsody Of Fire - Rising From Tragic Flames06:16
  8. Truth Corroded - They Are Horror03:22 
  9. Black Messiah - J├Âtunheim06:57 
  10. Iron Mask - Rock Religion04:38 
  11. Epysode - The Arch05:15 
  12. Human Fortress - The Chosen One04:55 
  13. Eden's Curse - Break The Silence04:38 
  14. Onslaught - Chaos Is King04:06 
  15. Vanishing Point - Distant Is The Sun04:47
Great! My choice feel on the tracks from Iron Saviour, Silent Force, Crystal Viper, Ektomorf, Rhapsody of Fire and Vanishing Point. Have to say all of the songs rocked so far, but especially the one's from Crystal Viper and Rhapsody of Fire found my sympathy. 

Like the old-school sound on the Crystal Viper track while the Rhapsody of Fire track turned out surprisingply variable. Very different and more direct compared to the stuff they did put out the last time. So which tracks did you choice for download and did you enjoy listening to them? 

And do you know more labels that do offer such a service? If you do, please drop me a line here in the comments section or let me know through Email. Please check out my profile to see my Email adress. Thanks!

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