Full free album stream of Gamma Ray's Empire of the Undead available

On March 28th the well known german power metal band Gamma Ray releases it's brand new album "Empire of the Undead" today. Also the band had to postpone the album due to a fire at the studio they recorded the album and thus loosing a good part of their equipment and some memorabilas it couldn't stop them at all from finishing the record.

For all those who would like to listen to the new CD before buying it the label of the band earMusic has set up a full album stream on youtube. Up till now it has two new songs on it called "Avalon" and "Built a world (European bonus track)

Just check it out right here:

Update 2014/04/04: If you're living in Germany, Switzerland or Austria you can download one track of the album at the moment for free from Amazon. They offer the track "Pale Rider" in their free mp3 section. Very cool, since this track is very traditionell in my eyes, remind me a lot of the good old Judas Priest songs. :-)

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